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Siddharth and Samantha
Posted On 24 Dec 2013 - 08:50 AM

Siddharth and Samantha are the new big names of Tollywood. They have individual charm, style of acting and following but they are sounding sweet together, making buzz together!!

The duo has been rumored to be seeing each other from almost a year now and it has already been the same while of their denials of the news. They have individually admitted that they are involved in a relation but never spill the beans anywhere.   

Speaking about his marriage plans to a National Newspaper, "I am ready for it. I hope to have a family with children and am hoping it happens soon. I have been written about with a lot of women. I have chosen not to respond. My family does not read gossip rags and what’s in the paper today is the packing for a pakoda tomorrow. You can attribute a quote to a person without even meeting him. The inverted comma is being molested beyond identity", said Siddharth making some strong attacking comments on media.

On other hand, Samantha has always kept this issue under her hat mentioning only about her relationship with a mystery man and confirming that Siddharth is just a “friend”.

Later this year, with the Twitter ruckus and Siddharth popping up in the defense of Samantha in the 1-Nenokkadine wallpaper issue is only adding fuel to the flame. Twitter trends like“#GetLostSamnthaAndSiddharth” and “#Twitterterroristsiddarthuncle” are a testimony of the intensity of their “friendship”.

Two star faces being strongly linked up, with clues popping periodically but the respective individuals beating about the bush from a long time now is something rare of its kind in the recent times. We know they were happening and strangely they are still happening – Thanks to their “relationship”! Well, with such a following, Siddharth and Samnatha are our No.3 NEWS MAKERS OF THE YEAR! 


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