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Prostitute stories trend
Posted On 26 Dec 2013 - 08:12 AM

Usually, there is a favorite season for Film industry. Genres like Action Hungama and Comedy are there ubiquitously but at times a different season arrives. 2013 witnessed a series of Prostitute based films.  Actresses like Charmi, Shriya, Haripriya,Udaya Bhanu and Veda adorned the role of a prostitute assuming Vidya Balan’s luck to knock their doors. However, not even one film in this genre was able to make it big at the Box Office. Pavitra and Abbai Class Ammai Mass bombed at the Box Office terribly. Prema Oka Maikam even joined the disaster list! Udaya Bhanu recently flashed in Madhumati- another prostitute story which didn’t fare well either. There is no hope for the upcoming films from this category either. 

While most directors define the role and nature of a ‘prostitute’ character with the equation ‘Glamour minus Acting’, and forget the thumb rule that the story should be very strong to make these two aspects work in the right balance. 

These aforementioned films made a huge mistake in this aspect.  A film like Chameli was successful not just because it was about a prostitute or Kareena with sultry saris but because of the great emotions the story carried.  Instead of learning this point, many directors unfortunately look to “cash” upon the theme.  A role of prostitute is not complete with husky looks and few double meaning dialogues.  There should be a captivating story between the lead characters.  The scenes should be written in such a way that, one empathizes with the prostitute’s role.  Directors failed miserably in this regard and that is why the stories became unsuccessful.

Be it renowned writers like Janardhan Maharshi, just made waves in the industry with their choice of their bold themes but failed to impress the audience with their distinct point. And we need not talk about producers who look to rope in heroines who are out of the league and bag openings! However, this is not the year for prostitutes.


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