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Attarintiki Daredi
Posted On 30 Dec 2013 - 08:16 AM

We almost forgot that AD stands for 'Anno Domini' and call it Attarinki Daredi these days. Candidly, our writers at iQlik are tired of writing about AD and almost created an EPIC.

You must have heard stories that 'Babas walked on water' and we don’t know if that were true but we strongly believe that Attarintiki Daredi pulled off this miracle. Such is the impact of AD in the history of Telugu Cinema and this is no exaggeration if it is compared to Iceberg B-15.

Why is it that special? We have an AAA rating for this movie

-> Anti-Piracy (A): Created an indestructible Anti-Piracy team and who are in this Anti-Piracy team? “THE Normal audience“.They have not only bailed this movie out of a crisis situation but watched the movie in theatres despite of having access to Rs 50 /- pirated CD or YouTube. Such is the power of this movie and that is exactly why Pawan Kalyan is called a Power Star.
-> Adorable (A): This movie was lovable to all age segments and audience. It was even more adorable to the producer and all exhibitors because it just showered money both at home and overseas.
-> Antique (A): It will remain as one of the antique pieces in the history of Telugu Cinema and struck the BOX office with GOLD (All time record collections).

To sum it up when mommies & daddies play with their kids saying "Annam, Pappu, Kura, Charu…", they may have second thoughts the minute Attarintiki Daredi is uttered. Seriously Guys!! Admit this one.

Pawan & Trivikram - Ee 2013 Ki Last Punch meedenappa... And meeru maakicchina Kickke Verappa !!

And this is why it is listed as the Best Movie of 2013!


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