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Nellore & Chennai Floods
Posted On 30 Dec 2015 - 02:42 AM


It doesn’t really matter how advanced we are in our technology and science, if we do not respect Mother Nature, it strikes with such a fury that we are just helpless puppets and wait for it to calm down. Lately, the natural calamities have been on the rise and despite such brutal warnings, not much has changed. Even Andhra Pradesh was no exception just few months ago. The district of Nellore and neighbouring Gudur was mercilessly battered by floods and it caused a lot of havoc.  The coastal Andhra also suffered a lot and it led to the death of nearly 50 people. It also touched Tollywood industry and many celebrities went to the flood affected areas and did their bit of help.
While Nellore had its share of damage, the worst hit was Tamil Nadu especially the northern part and the capital city of Chennai. These areas have seen floods and incessant raining like never before and it also brought to light the various defects in the capital city owing to poor planning and infrastructure along with unabated real estate constructions. This also led to the death of few people and it was only humanity that brought everyone to safety. The authorities had to bring in the Army and Air Force to ensure thousands are rescued and brought to relief camps.
These two incidents have clearly sent a message that unless the governments take proper measures towards preserving nature and streamlining the system, it is going to get worse in the future.


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