Lessons learnt from ManaMadrasKosam Event Ruckus

By - December 08, 2015 - 12:23 PM IST

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A good initiative called ManaMadrasKosam event which was planned to help the flood affected Chennai led to sudden cancellation.
The team of actors initially planned to visit three popular malls in the city on Sunday to collect direct donation from people and unfortunately they were welcomed with shutterbugs rather than donation items. It gave a shock to the whole bunch of actors and also some minor incidents like misbehavior of enthusiastic fans were also reported.
These incidents made the actors to stop the event suddenly by leaving the mall and cancel the event altogether. This experience clearly gave a lesson each to celebrities and common people as well. Celebrities are supposed to be even more conscious and should come up with more planning & security for these kinds of events and common people also shouldn’t forget the main motto behind this event and try to co-operate with the cause rather than causing inconvenience to the celebrities.
On the whole, actors improper planning and over enthusiastic crowd made the event ruckus!

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