I understood Industry better after that Episode: Sampath Nandi Interview

By - December 08, 2015 - 01:12 PM IST

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Sampath Nandi has established himself as one of the powerful commercial directors of Telugu Cinema now. He began his career with a youthful entertainer Yemaindhi Ee Vela and struck gold by directing Ram Charan in mass entertainer Racha. Though he lost the chance to direct Pawan Kalyan later, he is all set to entertain audience with Bengal Tiger starring Ravi Teja, Raashi Khanna and Tamannah in lead roles. The film is all set to release this Friday and here is an iQlik chitchat with the director:
Hello Sampath..

You got a considerable gap after your last film Racha. Are you nervous about Bengal Tiger’s release?
I am not that much tensed somehow because I made this film with sure shot idea in mind. However, I am curious to see how audience would receive it.

Is there any special reason for naming the film Bengal Tiger? Will there be any Kolkata connection to the story?
Not at all. Bengal Tiger is an out and out Telugu story. There is neither a Kolkata reference nor the hero would be seen as a secret police! The hero is a B.Tech graduate from Athreyapuram and how he reacts to a serious insult in his life forms the storyline.

How different is Bengal Tiger’s story?
The story is in fact a regular commercial formula but high on entertainment that both Mass Maharaja's fans and masses who are waiting for a proper mass entertainer would love.

How was it working with Ravi Teja?
I don’t need to specify about his stunning energy levels. His energy is evident throughout the film. In every scene he strives to entertain with new antics. It was a delight working with him.

Ravi Teja looked quite dull because of the weight loss in earlier film Kick 2. Did it affect this film too?
Absolutely No. He is quite handsome in Bengal Tiger too and we took ample care to make sure the same.

Any special memory in the making of this film?
In one song, Ravi Teja had to lift Tamannaah & Raashi and dance. None of us knew about this step until Choreographer Johnny Master suddenly demonstrated it during the shooting. Ravi Teja immediately practiced it on the sets and did it wonderfully. I later came to know that Ravi Teja had 104 degree temperature during the shoot. This was one incident which made me realize the hard working nature of him and that kept inspiring me all the while.
You made the film at a brisk pace?
Yes. We initially planned to wrap up the shooting in 110 days but finished in 100 days itself due to some good planning. I can confidently say that Bengal Tiger is a better film than Racha and technically quite good. It will surely fetch me a good name.

Bengal Tiger has two heroines. Are you following the regular commercial formula once again?
No! Two heroines are just only for glamour but indeed for the story as well. Tamannaah and Raashi Khanna play some meaty roles good roles and they did a great job!

What was going in your mind after the film with Pawan Kalyan got shelved?
I of course felt very bad but later understood such things are quite common in the industry. I should say I understood the workings of this film industry better after that episode. After Racha’s success and Pawan Kalyan’s film getting shelved, I noticed lot of change in people’s attitude towards me. It is a part and parcel of life. In fact, after it got shelved within two days I got the chance to direct Bengal Tiger.

What was the reason behind Pawan’s movie getting shelved?
There are many reasons hence I cannot say only one. But I am sure I will make a film with him in the future. We share a great rapport.

Is it true that Bengal Tiger was initially written for Pawan?
No. Bengal Tiger was written only for Ravi Teja. However, some fights which I planned with Pawan Kalyan’s project were used in this.

There is a buzz that Bengal Tiger had some reshoots?
Such rumors prop up because of the film’s delay. We did not reshoot even a single frame for this film.

What was the reason for roping in Boman Irani?
Bengal Tiger has a villain role which is supposed to be subtle and calm. I felt Boman Irani is a perfect choice and met him. He readily agreed and I'm glad I could work with such a great actor.

Will there be any satires on movies and film stars in this film?
We didn’t comment on any section or a celebrity in this film. No satires at all. But there is one interesting character called Future Star played by Prudhvi who dreams of becoming a hero - it would be hilarious.

How about Brahmi’s comedy track?
Brahmanandam will be seen in a queer character named 'Amala Paul'. There is an interesting reason for the name and his role will last for 10 mins. Posani and Prudhvi will entertain throughout the film.

How was it working with music composer Bheems?
I’ve known Bheems since ages. I wanted to give him chance for Emaindhi Ee Vela only but somehow it didn’t work out. He used the chance well this time.

You turned a producer as well with Gaalipatam. Do you have any plans to do the same in future?
I will definitely produce more such films. I want to make films with good concepts at a low budget and already have such stories in hand. Gaalipatam was a commercial success and I will continue the same vigor.

Upcoming projects?
I will decide after Bengal Tiger. As of now I didn’t sign up for any film.

Okay..thanks and wish you the best for Bengal Tiger!
Thank you!

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