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Dr.C.Narayana Reddy began his film career with ‘Gulebakavali Kadha’ produced by N.A.T (Sr.NTR’s own production house). This film was released on 5th January 1962 and interestingly all the songs were penned by C.Narayana Reddy himself. It is not an easy thing to get chance as Single Card Lyricist in the debut film. Another interesting fact is that, when C.Narayana Reddy came to Madras from Hyderabad in order to write songs for the film – Sr.NTR received him personally and allowed him to stay in his residence. C.Narayana Reddy came to know in the first film itself that Sr.NTR is not only a person who admires talent in the other artist, but can be quite rigid in not accepting what he doesn’t like.

C.Narayana Reddy began writing flawlessly like an experienced film lyricist but for one song, he had to do lot of homework. It was a sad situation in the film where Sr.NTR is cheated by his own brothers by leaving him isolated in the forest. C.Narayana Reddy had to write a Solo Pathos song for Sr.NTR’s character where he feels sad that he couldn’t achieve anything in life- even after making a vow to parents that he would become successful. C.Narayana Reddy, who was already scholarly in Epic Song books from History, began writing a song with heavy words and complicated grammar. Sr.NTR pursed his lips reading the song lyrics.

He made C.Narayana Reddy understand that a Film song should be simple and easily understandable to even a common man. Sr.NTR said, “See, Reddy Garu, a song should be light in hearing. It should straightforwardly convey the feeling that ‘Oh no...I’ve become aloof now...how can I go back to home!” The moment Sr.NTR said this, C.Narayana Reddy got the point. He spontaneously wrote the song ‘Ontarini Ipoyanu...Ika Intiki Emani Ponu’ and got the much deserving appreciation from Sr.NTR. After this, the same Sr.NTR worked with C.Narayana Reddy for ‘Sri Krishna Pandaveeyam’ and ‘Daana Veera Soora Karna’ by asking to write songs in complex grammar and heavy Telugu language!

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