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  • Music Ghantasala
  • Producer A Shankar Reddy
  • Director C. Pullaiah
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Lava Kusa 1963 story at a glance

Lava Kusa is one greatest Telugu Mythological film which made people believe that if Lord Rama really came back to life, he would look like Sr.NTR. It would be incredible to know many of Sr.NTR fans used to keep his Lord Rama attire posters in worship rooms in their houses too. Though this film had initial breaks during its production phase, the film overcame all these obstacles and remains to be one of the most amazing classics of Telugu Cinema till date. The film is based on "Uttara Ramayana" which is the story of Lord Rama after he comes back from 14 years of exile and defeating Ravana to get back his wife Sita.

The whole kingdom of Ayodhya celebrates the return of Lord Rama (Sr.NTR), Sita (Anjali Devi) and Lakshmana(Kantha Rao) back after a victorious glory over Ravana and successful exile in the forest. Things go smoothly until Rama comes to know a washerman(Relangi) in the kingdom speaks ill of the justice system and casually makes a remark on Lord Rama about bringing back Sita despite her staying in Ravana’s abode for a long time. Caught in between justice and love for his family, Lord Rama outweighs justice. He decides to send Sita to forest on the word of the citizen of the kingdom. Sita, who is already pregnant by then gets devastated learning this news from Lakshmana in the forest and things take a serious turn. Sita is rescued by Poet Valmiki (Nagaiah) and gives birth to twins Lava and Kusa. The rest of the story is about whether the estranged family re unites and what happens to the future of Ayodhya.

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    Sr.NTR is amazing as Lord Rama in every respect. Right from the body language, appearance, histrionics, and different shades of performance- he did it all. His performance as the separated husband from the time he leaves Sita is really heart breaking to watch.  The monologues he delivers- speaking to himself about why he left Sita for the sake of Justice is thought provoking. Anjali Devi is brilliant as Sita and delivers her best in emotional scenes. Kantha Rao is perfect as Lakshmana, the loyal brother of Lord Rama. His performance when he had to leave Sita in the forest and in the song “Ye Nimishaniki” is worth mentioning.  Chittoor Nagaiah gives another classy performance as Poet Valmiki in this film. Prominent actors like Relangi, Girija, Suryakantham ,Ramana Reddy etc were adequate in their roles.

    However it is the young kids Master Nagaraju and Master Subrahmanyam who played Lava and Kusa who earned high fame with this film. Their perfect diction, acting, performance in every frame speaks wonders in the film.
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    Lava Kusa was the first film to be made in Geva Colour completely by then. During the black and white era due to financial limitations – producers used to make a special song in colour and rest of the film in Black and White. But this film was made in colour technology. Music by Ghantasala is the sure shot highlight for the film. Every poem, song and background music given is apt for the theme of it. Suseela and Leela sang for Lava and Kusa respectively with rigorous training from the composer himself- which speaks of the dedication those days.  The production values are classy and direction is more than perfect.
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