• Cast , Malathi
  • BannerVijaya Productions
  • Editor --
  • Cinematography --
  • Music Ghantasala
  • Producer Nagireddy, Chakrapani
  • Director B.N Reddy
  • Audio release date NA

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Patala Bhairavi story at a glance

Paatala Bhairavi is one of the greatest folklore films ever made in Telugu Cinema. It was a sure shot trendsetter which brought many such adventurous films and folklore to the Telugu People’s household.  Though the original story is based on Arabian Nights, the film doesn’t lack in Telugu Nativity and has fantastic music. The film has some breathtaking performances by the lead actors which made it an all time classic.  It is like a feast to Telugu Audience because it had everything in it- Commercialism, stunts, adventures, Music and what not!

The story is a journey of a common youngster Thota Ramudu (Sr.NTR) who wins the heart of a beautiful princess Indumathi  of Ujjain(Malathi) and the twists and turns which happen in his life.  Meanwhile, a cunning wizard Nepala Mantrikudu (SVR) plans to give Thota Ramudu in sacrifice to the goddess Paatala Bhairavi and lures him into the trap.  The rest of the story is about how Thota Ramudu realizes the wrong intentions of Nepala Mantrikudu and how he teaches the wizard a lesson with his courage and talent.

  • Trade

    Sr.NTR is incredible as Thota Ramudu in this film. His histrionics, body language during stunts were trend setting by the time the film was released. It literally turned his career to a new dimension with the tremendous success the film achieved. SVR is fantastic as the evil wizard, and his facial expressions and dialogue delivery speaks millions worth of his acting skills. The fantastic chemistry between the Hero and Villian played by Sr. NTR and SVR was instrumental in making the film a huge success.

  • Highlights

    The dialogues by Pingali Nagendra Rao are the highlight of the film. The punchline used by the Wizard “Saahasam Saayara Dimbhaka” became so popular till date.  Music by Ghantasala is another marvel, and the songs like “Kalavaramaaye Madilo”, “Prema Kosamai” became all time classics.  The production values by Vahini Pictures are of top notch, and the art design of the wizard’s dungeon was brilliantly presented in the film.  Direction by Kadri Venkata Reddy is of top class and made the film stand out specially in the Telugu Film era.
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