• Cast Srinivas, Reshma
  • BannerGood Cinema Group
  • Editor S.B Uddhav
  • Cinematography J Prabhakara reddy
  • Music --
  • Producer M. Sivarami Reddy
  • Director
  • Audio release date NA

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Ee Rojullo story at a glance

Srinivas (Srinivas) is a weak guy who falls for girls but they dump him for his money. And there is Shreya (Reshma) is fed up with guys who only eye girls for physical relationship. They fed up with relationships and decided not to fall in love. It was then they meet and the relation between them blossom with hatred and lies. The rest of the story is all about how they unite in the end.

  • Trade

    Ee Rojullo is made with a shoe string budget using digital camera in very limited working days. The film for its youthful content managed decent buzz before the release and went on to become a huge hit once it is released.
  • Highlights

    • The film marks the debut of director Maruthi who started a trend of making films of high quality at very low cost.
    • The hero and heroine of the film, Srinivas and Reshma got huge boost to their careers and got handful of films after the release of Ee Rojullo. But they did not rise to fame with the audience.
  • Sidelights

    • Ram Gopal Varma made a film ‘Dongala Muta’ with digital camera and completed in 5 days. It is that film which inspired Maruthi to attempt Ee Rojullo.
    • The producers of the film worked as PROs in Tollywood earlier and also started an event management company. This was their first film as producers. 


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