Satellite Business Vs Small Films

By - March 26, 2015 - 10:00 PM IST

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If you are making a small budget film in Tollywood then be aware that getting theatres for it is a Herculean task unless you have some Godfather in the industry. This is the reason why many small budget movies bank on the Satellite rights payment from the noted TV channels.

But now, even those heydays have come to an end. Apparently, many small budget flicks used to be done banking on satellite business. About 50 lakhs was kept on theatrical collections which is always a risk area. But now the TV channels are not offering a payment like before.

It is heard that they have changed the business model. Now, when you approach the TV channel, they would be talking business on revenue sharing terms. So, based on the ad revenue and the number of times the movie would be aired in the channel, the small budget Moviemakers will get their money. That’s the reality‎.

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