'Old' Ideas of New Producers

By - March 26, 2015 - 09:30 PM IST

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Though we talk so much about the hardships of making and releasing a film, there are those die-hard individuals who would do anything for cinema. That is the amount of passion they have. A lot of appreciation goes to the new producers who do not hesitate to invest for that satisfaction.

But here is an interesting situation. Though the producers are new, they are coming in with ‘old’ ideas. Apparently, films are being made even today with the likes of Sivaji Raja, Srikanth, Varun Sandesh and others. Normally, the new producers are made to believe certain heroes are the right choice for the role.

And without any awareness on theatres and business generation model, they come forward and invest few crores. The saga of them coming with interest and not really caring for fortunes has been on. Truth is, they are the real patrons of cinema now and it is only due to them industry and a major part of its members are surviving.

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