• Cast ,
  • BannerVaarahi Chalana Chitram, Suresh Productions and Makuta Graphics
  • Editor Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao
  • Cinematography Senthil Kumar
  • Music
  • Producer Korrapati Ranganatha Rao
  • Director
  • Audio release date NA

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Eega story at a glance

Nani (Nani) is neighbor to Bindu (Samantha) who does crackers business. He loves Bindu a lot and tries to win her heart from few years. Bindhu also has a good opinion on him, but doesn’t express it. On the other side, there is Sudeep (Sudeep) who is multi- millionaire realtor. In one occasion, he sees Bindu and lusts her. Sudeep comes to know about Nani and Bindhu’s affair and kills Nani. Nani later in his rebirth is born as ‘Eega’ (a housefly). He clearly remembers his last birth and how he takes revenge on Sudeep is what the movie is all about.

  • Trade

    Entire Industry and audience are in awe when SS Rajamouli announced that he is making a movie in which a fly is a protagonist. Three years of hard work had gone in to the movie making. It paved its way in to the Top 5 Biggest hits of Tollywood. The Tamil version of the movie, “Naan Ee” also did well in Tamil Nadu. But the Hindi version “Makkhi”, though got critical reviews, failed to create an impact in Bollywood; despite getting good coverage in National media.
  • Highlights

    • This is the first combination of Nani and Rajamouli
    • This is the first time Nani and Samantha have shared screen space. Later they went on to do one more movie together ‘Yeto Vellipoindhi Manasu’.
    • The Tamil version of Eega, Naan Ee was also very successful at the box office.
    • Rajamouli had introduced a Kannada hero ‘Sudeep’ as baddie in this movie.
  • Sidelights

    • Rajamouli had taken almost 3 years of time for the production of this movie as it involves extensive CG work and graphics (2,234 VFX shots).
    • Rajamouli himself had dubbed for the noises and buzzing sounds made by Eega in the movie.
    • The movie was dubbed in to Malayalam as “Eecha” and in Hindi as “Makkhi”, but both the versions failed to create enough ruckus at the box office.
    • The film was screened to critical acclaim at “L'Étrange Film Festival” and “Sundance Film Festival”.
    • Eega was in the list of movies to be considered as Indian nomination for Oscar. But the Bollywood movie “Barfi” made it finally.
    • Eega was later dubbed in Thai too.
    • Rajamouli considered converting the movie in to 3D for Hindi version but could not do so due to financial and time constraints.
    • Rajamouli was so impressed with Project 511 NGO. He used the name of the NGO in the movie in order to give them some publicity. Heroine of the movie works for that NGO in the movie.
    • Rajamouli had made a statement that the up-loaders and down-loaders of Eega piracy will be prosecuted by FBI and will be deported to India. There was huge uproar regarding this among NRI community. He later had to withdraw the statement in twitter.

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