• Cast
  • BannerAadesh Films
  • Editor Ramesh
  • Cinematography VN Suresh Kumar
  • Music MM Sri Lekha
  • Producer G.Maheswar Reddy
  • Director Janardhan Maharishi
  • Audio release date 06 Apr 2013

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Pavithra review

“Hot but not neat“

Posted: 07 June 2013-05:43 AM

Pavithra (Shriya Saran) is a prostitute, who charges Rs.1 lakh for a night stand. In the desperation to save her mother she gets into this profession for the sake of money, but unfortunately her attempt fails. She opens a trust hoping to help the poor, diseased and unfortunate girls from the clutches of prostitution.

Shiva (Shivaji) is a photographer who traps innocent girls, gets into physical relationship and records the intimate acts for money extortion. One girl unable to bear the harassment of Shiva, tries to commit suicide and ultimately gets saved by Pavithra. What Pavithra does to bring Shiva behind the bars forms the crux of the story.

In parallel MLA’s (Sai Kumar) son Abhi (Kaushik) falls in love with Pavithra and under unavoidable circumstances MLA agrees for their wedlock. But he has some other plans in using the marriage to his advantage. What is the evil plan? How it is evaded forms the rest of the story.

This is the first time Shriya carried the entire burden of the movie on her shoulders. She performed well without any hesitation and looked glamorous after a long time. She looked ravishing in modern attire, gorgeous and sexy in sari. She understood her role in the movie and modulated her body language accordingly. If she had put in little more effort, this would have remained as a milestone in her career. Also if she had given her own voice to the character it would have had a great impact and her acting would not have been overshadowed by dubbing. Besides Shriya, the other important role is of Sai kumar and was a very good fit. Our directors should opt for indigenous talent instead of searching for foreign talent. After a long gap we got to see Shivaji in a negative role and did justice to his character. Ravi Babu is ok while Bharani and Yendamuri did not have much to offer. Brahmanandam appeared but does nothing, his role is utter crap. We also get to see many anonymous characters.

After the movie Devasthanam, Janardhan Maharshi directed Pavithra and received positive talk in comparison to the earlier. He was able to narrate the story and introduce the characters without any confusion. Since being a good writer he was also able to write sharp dialogues. Whenever the direction seemed off-track he was able to balance it well by keeping the audience focused with his gripping narration.

Although M.M.Srilekha’s tunes are not great for humming, they are decent enough to listen in the theatre. Once again her re-recording weakness was quite obvious; it was below par in certain crucial scenes.

There is a huge disparity in the taking; some of the scenes in the movie are rich while some are substandard. This might not be director Janardhan Maharshi’s drawback but small producer’s problems, one has to take it easy. He got anxious to say many things, struggled a bit and was not able to provide complete justice. First half runs smoothly in comparison to the second. He was not able to show a strong reason for Pavithra entering into politics. The past of Pavithra is also very dull. The dialogue writer in Janardhana Maharshi dominated the director in him. So as a whole, this movie runs with more talk and less action.

The common notion is that a movie revolving around the prostitute character will be fully loaded with mass masala, but the director Janardhan Maharshi flipped it around with a class touch. In several instances he was able to give bold statements and portray his anger, love and sympathy on the present day society. This movie will give recognition to Shriya as an actor and Janardhan Maharshi as a director.  Last but not least, Do not expect any awards or huge collections.

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