• Cast , Sakshi Chowdary, Simran Mundi, Rachel
  • BannerRamalakshmi Cine Creations
  • Editor M.R Varma
  • Cinematography Srikanth Naroj
  • Music Achu
  • Producer Lagadapati Sridhar
  • Director Pavan Wadeyar
  • Audio release date 25 Aug 2013

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Potugadu review

“More masala makes it bland“

Posted: 30 October 2013-00:45 AM

Govinda (Manchu Manoj) is a careless and playful guy. He is on the top of a hill to commit suicide. At the same time a software engineer (Posani), who also wants to die, passes by and starts narrating his sad tale of love. They exchange their sad stories that pushed them to take this extreme step.

The problem with Govinda is that he always loses his love. He takes the narration through four different love stories and finally brings it to the reason for his suicide. Why he is seen in negative shades and is there another side of Govinda; forms the rest of the story.

Manchu Manoj is the torchbearer of the film and makes everyone laugh with his hilarious antics. But his performance seems clinical as he is overdoing and repeating his archetypal style in every film. He should focus on better roles that help him evolve as an actor. The heroines are mere caricatures and are reserved for songs. Four heroines and four songs – that’s the mantra. All of them fail to impress with their performance.  

Potugadu is a remake of Kannada film Govindaya Namaha, and is helmed by the same director Pavan Wadeyar. For some reasons the film is a HIT in Kannada. But the scenario may change in Telugu. The movie spends 20 minutes in boring the audience with the story of Posani. Everyone is eagerly waiting for the hero’s story but the director thought other way around.

All through the movie, the director takes utmost care to paint the hero as a negative character and in the last minute he rushes things to turn the tables. The audience won’t travel with the protagonist and they won’t emote with him. That’s the major hindrance in this kind of story-telling. 

Music by Achu Rajamani is impressive in parts but on the whole fails to create and impact. He made waves with his film Nenu Meeku Telusa but after that he served only a bland platter.

Camera work is striking at places and the use of soft lighting elevated the visual appeal of the film. Editing is near perfect and the movie’s short run time of 124 minutes is a bonus.

The boring and illogical sub-plots dampen the main plot. The makers still resort to mockery of certain classes of people. Potugadu is a movie with many commercial elements but fails to deliver a rightful dose of entertainment.

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