• Cast , , Siddhika Sharma
  • BannerYellow Flowers
  • Editor Thiyagurajan
  • Cinematography Santoshroy
  • Music Sai Kartheek
  • Producer Ramesh Puppala
  • Director
  • Audio release date 19 May 2013

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Paisa review

“Style 100 paisa?Subject one paisa“

Posted: 07 February 2014-10:42 AM

‘Prakash’ alias Pra’cash’ (Nani) is a money-grubber who acts as model for a garment shop in old city. Sanyasi Raju (Charan Raj) is an aspiring CM contender over opponent Sagar (Siddharth Reddy). Sanyasi Raju hatches a plan to win upcoming elections through paid votes. As a part of the plan, he orders for a Rs. 50-crore transaction through hawala. Noor (Catherine Tresa) belonging to a poor tailoring family in old city loves Prakash.

But, Prakash who craves to become rich, falls after Sweety (Siddhika Sharma), the daughter of Sanyasi Raju. Subbu Yadav (RK) is a local goon in old city who plans to sell off Noor to an Arab Shaik in compensation for his debt that Noor family is indebted. While rescuing Noor from the wedding with the Arab Shaik, Prakash discovers the 50 crore chest in a car. Sanyasi Raju, Yadav and Sagar are after this money and how did Prakash survive this menacing chase forms the crux of the story.

Performances in a Krishna Vamsi’s film will be obviously at their best. But a few who need special mention are:

Nani – This film is just yet another feather in his cap. He carried the entire film on his shoulders. One loves his one man show. Especially, the spectrum of emotions he displays in a scene before the intermission elaborating his ‘paisa philosophy’ that too in a single take deserves a bow!

Catherine Tresa - Who said she is a mere glam doll? They’ll definitely withdraw their comments after watching this film. The way she emoted the character ‘Noor’ is no less a beauty. She got under the skin of ‘Noor’ with such ease. Way to go dear!

Siddhika Sharma - This ‘lucky’ diva impresses with both her glamor and bubbliness – definitely lucky at a fledgling stage.

Charan Raj - Charan Raj didn’t quite surprise us as bad politician 'Sanyasi Raju'. His best was seen long back and Paisa is just nothing different what he did earlier except with an extended screen duration. His dubbing efforts for his own character deserve a tap.

RK – Well, he is an absolute entertainer whichever character it is and ‘Subbu Yadav’ in the film is no exception. His typical Hyderabadi accent and villainy are a must-watch in the film.
A good performer like Bharath Reddy was offered nothing much to deliver – disappointing!

Jabardast Venu - did his best to invoke some gags.

Raja Ravindra as a bad cop was portrayed in a different shade and Duvvasi Mohan is a surprise in this film. The rest of the characters just add to the number and viciousness in the film.

It takes volumes to write about Krishna Vamsi’s directorial talent. But pertaining to the content of Paisa, he just showed us an ant through a big fat colorful panoramic lens.


-> Intense and stylized story telling.
-> Gripping screenplay.
-> Nani’s performance.
-> Breathtaking action episodes.
-> Nani’s introductory kite race scene in the first half.
-> Nani’s single take action before the intermission.
-> Suspense towards the climax.
-> Background score.
-> Editing in action episodes and songs.
-> Siddhika’s glamor.
-> A scene where Nani discovers money in a car.

-> Sluggish first half. A trimmed version could have been better.
-> Mediocre CG shots in the first half.
-> Forced subplot of Nani and Siddhika.
-> Over dosage of effects in each and every frame adds to the gruesome tint and feel of the film that might give us a visual strain.
-> Under usage of some characters like that of Siddarth Reddy etc.
-> Extreme violence and swear words in the film might not be pleasing to the family audience.

In a nutshell, style takes over subject with regard to the film.

Music by Sai Karthik is surprisingly good and his back ground score is an absolute stunner in the film. ‘Neetho….’ theme for the heroine, 'Paisa...' theme throughout the film deserves a special mention.

Cinematography by Santhosh Roy, Jabardast Venu’s comedy scene and editing by Thiyagurajan are good.

Paisa is high voltage crime drama that is strictly one time watch. A Paisa short of a complete paisa vasool.

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