Special reason to cast Catherine

By - February 04, 2014 - 09:24 AM IST

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Generally, all Krishna Vamsi’s heroines are obviously angelic beauties and experienced actors [Except Khadgam]. But here is Catherine Tresa, just one film old, and that one film had little scope for acting. Now one should really wonder why she was selected for a film like ‘Paisa’.

One obvious reason is that she is a killing beauty. [Now pause guessing] There is apparently a special reason for roping Catherine. Krishna Vamsi has supposedly auditioned about 30 heroines for the role of ‘Noorjahan’, the heroine of the film that has got less dialogs but more to do about emoting with eyes. And here is our creative director finding Catherine fitting the role as she has the most beautiful eyes in the world that the character needs. He actually likes her eyes that can emote and express his ‘Noorjahan’ like no one does. Well, the film is slated to release this Friday [7th Feb] when the audience also will get a chance to watch the magic her eyes did.

So, even beautiful eyes can sometimes get you ‘characters’. But, only with truly creative directors like KV around!