• Cast Arya, Jai, , Nazriya Nazim
  • BannerFox Star Studios & A R Murugadoss Productions
  • Editor Anthony
  • Cinematography George C Williams
  • Music G.V Prakash Kumar
  • Producer A.R Murugadoss
  • Director Atlee
  • Audio release date 27 Feb 2014

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Raja Rani review

“Unimaginative Romcom!“

Posted: 15 March 2014-10:10 AM

John (Arya) and Regina (Nayanatara) get married to fulfil their parents wish. But neither of them is happy about the marriage and their life becomes like a Tom and Jerry show. John arrives at home after drinking late in the night. Regina also despises John’s behavior. The main reason for such behavior by John and Regina is their failed love stories before marriage. These two stories lay the foundation for the story.

Regina falls in love with Surya (Jai), who works in a call center. He is cowardly by nature and fears his father a lot. Surya’s father disagrees for his marriage with Regina. However, Regina and Surya decide on getting married at a registered office. Due to unfortunate turn in events they fail to get married. John also has a love story in which he loves Keerthana (Nazriya Nazim). Keerthana is an orphan and considers John to be everything in her life. They get married, but destiny plays spoilsport.  

Why did John and Regina fail to succeed in their love life?  What happens after they come to know about each other’s love stories? Will they forget their past and move towards a brighter future? All these can be known only by watching Raja Rani.

Arya, Nayanatara and Jai were simply extraordinary in their respective lead roles. Nazriya is the only one who scores little less among them. This doesn’t mean she didn’t act well. In the midst of such senior actors, she couldn’t make a lasting impact.

Nayanatara was phenomenal in the role of Regina. Telugu Audience knew only about her glamour side till now but in this film she emoted perfectly. Especially in the scene where she gets fits, she made a lasting impact on the viewer. Her acting in the scenes involving her father was brilliantly done. 

Senior actor Satyaraj gave a memorable performance as an understanding father in the film. Santhanam character usually goes little overboard in most of the films but in this the over action reduced and laughs improved.

This movie is about three contrasting love stories which commence between four lead characters. He divided the two love stories in equal proportions, but struggled to balance the love stories on screen. The love track between Surya and Regina appears better than the one between John and Keerthana. The director made both the love stories end sadly in a different way.

The director could achieve success to some extent by showing these three stories in an entertaining manner. Mainly it is the character of Santhanam which makes sure the melodrama is reduced throughout. Though the film duration lags in between, Santhanam offers some laughs.

The director trusted a simple screenplay and he gave a straightforward ending in the climax- without unnecessary drama and sentiment. However, the film looks little draggy as a result of this sequence narration. The film could have been easily trimmed in few places. 

Music director G.V.Prakash is strictly average in this film. These days even dubbing films are getting good lyrics in Telugu but in this film the songs make no sense lyrically. But he set the mood perfectly in the background score.

The camera work is really good and made the film look colorful. Editing could have been much better and unnecessary scenes could have been easily trimmed. If he did a good job the film’s tempo would have increased.

The director who brought three love stories in one frame could do full justice to only one love story eventually decreasing the feel. The Tamil flavor was inevitably felt throughout. If this film was remade in Telugu with some necessary changes, it could have fetched better results. There is no justification for why the film’s name is Raja Rani. Neither the hero’s name is Raja, nor is the heroine’s name Rani. Wonder why such title is chosen then!

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