Actor Charged For Violating Traffic Rules

By - June 28, 2018 - 12:58 PM IST

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Remeber actor Jai from the movies Raja Rani and Journey? This Tamil actor has managed to grab the attention with his performances in movies. But, it seems like Jai has not many projects in his hands now. 
Jai has been into the headlines for wrong reasons lately.

Earlier, Jai was alleged of violating the traffic rules. It seems like he has landed into a trouble again. Jai who was issued with a warning over the traffic violation in the year 2014, is charged for the same again. Chennai traffic police had come across a car with a modified silencer which was causing a disturbance with the noise. The police had stopped the car and found that actor Jai was in the passenger seat.

The police have charged a fine of Rs.1100 and also advised Jai not to repeat this. The actor who thought it was a share-worthy one, recorded a video right in front of the police and advised all not to use the modified silencers as it would affect the nature and causes a disturbance.

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