Sri Reddy slammed by Activist Sandhya

By - June 28, 2018 - 02:33 PM IST

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Controversial actress Sri Reddy is seen raising voice on irrelevant topics each day. On one hand, she stole the attention by stripping in front of MAA at film-chamber, claiming that she was not given the membership card. The other side she has been slamming actors of exploiting her sexually, with no solid proofs.

Sri Reddy has been targeting a few actors intentionally. We had already reported that Sri Reddy had passed some serious comments on the Chicago sex racket which was busted recently. Sri Reddy who claims herself as a victim of sexual exploitation has been making comments on the other actresses without no proofs.

Social activist Sandhya and journalist Sajaya Kakarla recently slammed Sri Reddy for her baseless comments on actresses. Sri Reddy who told she has no connections with the Chicago sex racket has been posting stuff blaming popular actresses by posting their pictures too.

Sandhya told the media that Sri Reddy is not doing any help to the ones who are fighting for the victims of sexual exploitation by blaming unnecessary people via her social media. "We were quite upset by the way she had abused Pawan Kalyan. But, she seems to have ignored our words. We condemn the way she has been posting stuff on other actresses even without proper proofs. She is even taking some names directly. This is not right", Sandhya told to a media person reportedly.

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