What Is Sri Reddy's Actual Fight?

By - June 28, 2018 - 10:50 AM IST

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To those of you who have been keeping track of Sri Reddy and her tirade, you might be getting the feeling that you are lost in a crystal maze. Well, Sri Reddy took off her battle quoting it is all about discrimination of Telugu girls in the industry and she added it up with casting couch allegations. She was successful in creating quite a storm.

Later on, she started coming up with few allegations on almost all the big names. Even power star Pawan Kalyan was not an exemption from her hit list. Cut to the present, Sri Reddy has been dropping few bombs now and then but now her sense of direction seems to be raising questions. The latest from her is the below post -

Hinduism ni bhathikinchandi.. paniki malina yedavalu nasthikavadam perutho chese arachakalaki addu katta padali..Sri krishnudu,Sri ramudni avamanisthe chusthu vurukom ,Ma matha grandhalani avamaninchi ma manobhavalanu dhebba thesinnandhuku mulyam chellichuko babu gogine..thanks to mahaa tv #power of Hindu

Those who have been seeing her posts are now saying her actual fight seems to be more with persons than for a cause. Only time will reveal the truth.

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