• Cast Sampoornesh Babu, Kavya Kumar, Ishika Singh
  • BannerAmrutha Productions
  • Editor Karthika Srinivas
  • Cinematography Russell Carpenter
  • Music R K
  • Producer Sai Rajesh Neelam
  • Director Steven Shankar
  • Audio release date 27 Feb 2014

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Hrudaya Kaleyam review

“Avoid the film & Save your Hrudayam, Kaleyam, Brain and Money“

Posted: 05 April 2014-02:40 AM

Sampoornesh Babu is an orphan but a man on a mission looting groceries, super markets and electrical shops. Bhairav Rathode (Mahesh Kumar Kathi) is a shrewd police commissioner specially appointed to chase this serial thefts case. Swaasa (Ishika Singh) is the niece of Sampoo who is neck-deep love with Sampoo. When Bhairav Rathode chases down the serial robbery mystery and corners the culprit, he realizes that it is none other than scientist Sampoo who narrates his tragic love episode with Neelu (Kavya Kumar). So, what is the mission of scientist Sampoo and how did he accomplish his mission and love forms the crux of the story.

Sampoornesh BabuThis much hyped sensation is someone between a poker and joker face. Seriously, whatever emotion he tries to emote tickles you and eventually, irritates you and at some point frustrates you. Well, otherwise his loud dialogues, mind-blowing fights, mind-blanking dances, electrifying emotions can sometimes prove fatal to our nervous system. He was laugh riot with his over-hyped character, beyond senses mission and out-of-the-world performance. And it would take volumes and years to write about him [We know we need to write a piece of review not books].
Kavya Kumar & Ishika Singh: Both the lead ladies delivers a decent performance with whatever she has been offered opposite the Burning star. Kudos to their professionalism! 
Mahesh Kumar Kathi: He gave his loyal contribution to this serious laugh riot and almost lived his character as Bhairav Rathode. With this film, people will come to know that not just direction and discussions, he is good at acting too!

The rest of the characters did a fabulous job in making the viewers absorb this super scientific lovestory.

Sai Rajesh credited as Steven Shankar, the master mind behind this outlandish scientific lovestory and the eccentric character 'Sampoornesh Babu' needs a standing ovation for his sheer brilliance and marketing technique. Keeping the story and narration aside, he and his team behind Hrudaya Kaleyam needs a big salaam for making a small attempt like HK a bigwig. Good or Bad, he was successful in planting a seed of curiosity and interest for people to watch his film - laudable! 

But technically, it was evident from the film that he has got style in his narration and knowledge over the pulse of a common viewer but the story he created is something out of this universe. It can be funny, foolish but the loud technique he chose to narrate a idiosyncratic love story is not digestible. 


*The mere appearance of Sampoornesh Babu that will make you laugh your guts out. And next to list are his super funny emotions, dances and fights.
*The loud dialogues with fun, weight and logic that will raise your raise your eyebrows, drop your jaws and even block your cerebrum.
*An intelligent screenplay that could help you bear this quirky love story.
*The special effects in a song and entertaining songs that will drive you crazy laughing.
*An off-beat and out of the box climax that attempts to justify the title.


*The loud narrative style that tries to tell a idiosyncratic scientific love story and make it believe.
*The loud comedy generated out of overrated dialogues and hype all over that fails to generate genuine and healthy comedy.
*A lethargic first half and noisy second half.
*A mediocre characterization that earns no respect except for generating some low brow comedy.

In a nutshell, the second half gets worse than the first half.

Dear Sai Rajesh, a small doubt... Isn't 'Kaleyam' means 'Liver' in Telugu? If so, why is the hero operated at the back where usually kidney ('Moothrapindam' in Telugu) is operated? If not, how is the tagline 'A Kidney with a Heart' justified?

Music by RK is a trump card for this comedy action entertainer. The songs were decent enough for a love story like HK. While, his re-recording deserves a special mention. He has heaved each and every scene from cellar to ceiling with his back ground score. 

Cinematography and Editing were good. They have upped the standard of the film. Visual effects in the second song were mind-boggling.

Hrudaya Kaleyam, is a seriously made senseless scientific comedy love story. Anyone who is habituated to leave their brains out at homes can resist and survive this comedy film. But others who seriously feel storytelling and film making needs to be sensible, a statuary warning - Hrudaya Kaleyam is seriously injurious to health!  

Live and let Telugu Cinema Live!

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