• Cast , , Swathi Deekshith
  • BannerVenkateswara Art Productions
  • Editor Goutham Raju
  • Cinematography Dasaradhi Sivendra
  • Music Vijay Ebenezer
  • Producer Ambika Raja
  • Director E. Satti Babu
  • Audio release date 31 May 2014

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Jump Jilani review

“Jump Jilani - Theatre Lonchi 'Jump Jilani'“

Posted: 12 June 2014-09:48 AM

Sattibabu (Allari Naresh) runs a hotel which is given to him through ancestors. The hotel is deprived of customers. He has debt troubles from the other side. Sattbabu incidentally loves health inspector Madhavi (Isha Chawla) who arrives in the town. Sattibabu’s brother Rambabu (Allari Naresh) is obsessed with playing cards and also into thieving. He even gets caught for a theft and gets imprisoned. He loves his maradalu Manga (Swathi Diskhith). Four of these people work hard to bring the hotel to good state. Meanwhile a person called Benarjee eyes this hotel and wants to occupy the land by giving the owners a sum of two crore rupees. With the obsession of playing cards, Rambabu gives the hotel as debt to Sub Inspector (Raghu). Meanwhile, a diamond merchant (Rao Ramesh) loses diamonds worth of twenty crore rupees. This phone having diamonds is found by Sattibabu. Madhavi’s marriage gets fixed with Ugra Narasimham (Posani Krishna Murali) who belongs to a factionist family in Pulivendhula. How does Rambabu get back the hotel land documents from the Sub Inspector? Will Sattibabu get to marry his love Madhavi? What is the story of these diamonds- forms the rest of the story.

Allari Naresh: Despite being a good actor with comedy timing, he became helpless in this film due to weak storyline. There is absolutely no improvement or change in this film compared to his earlier monotonous films. Acting and dialogue delivery are almost same to same. It is time for him to rediscover himself as an actor and change his approach towards upcoming projects.

Others: The female leads looked mediocre and fairly beautiful. Isha Chawla should be given only small lines. In the scene featuring spoof of Bommali , one would really feel scared of her wondering how such people turn to be heroines? Kota, M.S.Narayana, Raghu Babu and Jayaprakash Reddy have nothing significant to perform in this film.

True to the title , the story goes on jumps without any logic. There is no relation between one episode to other. It cannot be assumed that the scenes are made so to make the audience laugh because they arrive in such illogical manner- which would irritate the audience to the core. There are many scenes which are irrelevant to the story. If the storyline is weak, the director needs guts to extend and make it interesting. Unfortunately, Sattibabu’s character bombed from the first scene itself. Having a talented actor like Allari Naresh in the team, it is the director’s fault to make such weak film. There is no additional attraction with Allari Naresh’s dual appearance either. It is just that the work done by one character is distributed to two. There is absolutely no confusion whether it is Sattibabu or Rambabu coming on screen because the audience exasperatedly feel “Who cares who comes on screen!”. Allari Naresh’s performance has been strictly mediocre in these two roles. There is no contrast in acting for both the roles. It was good to see Allari Naresh imitate Mahesh Babu and Pawan Kalyan for earlier films. But with overdose of it in this film, the audience would wonder when he would come out of this imitating spree.

The story shifts to Rayalaseema backdrop in the second half. As a result, one would feel two different films are squeezed into one. Second half was completely dependent on Posani Krishnamurali. The team made Posani dance a few steps-hoping that it would provide some entertainment. Alas!Even that backfired. When will Telugu Cinema get rid of the joke where the genitals of a man are hit? Many such scenes are there in this film. There is vulgarity as well. Should the audience consider it to be comedy? How many times does the audience have to watch the phone having diamonds change hands and eventually coming to the hero and villain’s desperation to get hold of it? Wonder how many such films would arrive.

Music by Vijay Ebenezer is abysmal in the film. None of the tunes would appeal to the listener.

Cinematography by Dasaradhi Sivendra is on par with big budget films but the film fails in costume department. The colors of costumes used are repulsive. Though dialogues had few sparks, they fail miserably in the comedy punch. The team failed to give the audience what they expect from an Allari Naresh film. With respect to Editing, there are many unnecessary sequences which could have been conveniently ripped off from the film. If possible, one would feel the irresistible urge to clip off the entire film!

There is a dialogue in the film which one of the heroes say, “Nuvvu Paatha Cinemalu Chusthavu Anukunta, Kotha Cinemalu Kooda Chudu. Update Avvu!” which would perfectly apply to the director  E.Sattibabu himself! Allari Naresh needs to take a break and re-think on his choice of films. Otherwise, such disasters continue to trouble the audience. Rightfully, Jump Jilani is a disastrous comedy fare which can be convniently avoided.

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