Extra Size Of Two Tollywood Heroines

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When compared to the north Indian beauties, it must be said that the south audience prefers its heroines and actresses to be a bit voluptuous and have flesh at the right places. This is one reason why the likes of Anushka, Nayantara, Hansika are having so much craze and following.

But then, it doesn’t mean things go overboard. This is the talk happening after looking at two beauties. They are the duo of Ester Noronha and Isha Chawla. Both the actresses have very beautiful and sexy face but the issue is coming with their bodies. They are slowly tilting towards the plump category.

The Tollywood circles are saying that both of them have great potential to become big league heroines but they have to contain their weight or else it would be a packup for them. Since they are in the early stages of their career, it is better Ester and Isha make note and do the needful.

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