• Cast , Srinivas Reddy
  • BannerMVV Cinema
  • Editor Upendra
  • Cinematography Sai Sriram
  • Music Praveen Lakkaraju
  • Producer M V V Satyanarayana
  • Director Raaja Kiran
  • Audio release date 20 Jul 2014

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Geethanjali review

“Geethanjali is a Terrific Horrific Comic“

Posted: 08 August 2014-16:50 PM

Srinivas (Srinivasa Reddy) is an aspirant director who comes to Hyderabad from a town like Nandigama looking out for producers. When he and his friend Madhu (Madhu) are scouting for a room, broker Adde Babu Rao (Prithvi) misleads them into renting a haunted apartment. Rajesh (Satyam Rajesh) and Shankar (Jabardast Shankar) are two jobless guys who turn parasites for innocent Srinivas bluffing to be producer Dil Raju’s creative team and promising him a chance to recommend to Dil Raju. One day Srinivas gets a producer in the name of Ramesh Rao (Rao Ramesh), a filthy rich businessman. On the flipside, Anjali (Anjali) is a regular visitor to the apartment in the nights to befriend Srinivas for her own reasons. So, how is Srinivas & gang affected by the haunted house and how are Anjali and Ramesh Rao connected to the story forms the plot of the story.

Srinivasa Reddy: He was the lead entertainer in this Band. Though he was the lead, his characterization has been balanced with others and he gave his best.

Anjali: She was traditional, glamorous and at times scary too! Her scenes with Brahmi and the climax episode at the right spots to see Anjali at her best.

Brahmanandam: This ‘Saitan Raj’ was once again the captain of this comedy cruise. Though not so hilarious, Brahmi did a validating job within the limitations of his character.

Rajesh & Shankar: This comedy duo is the showstopper for the first half. They pull off the first half so effortlessly. Nevertheless to say, they make a hit pair.

Madhu: He had a short yet interesting characterization which misleads at a point. Watch the film to know more.

Sapthagiri: He is a pleasant surprise in the film but he does his job within the short span.

Rao Ramesh: This able actor has done something which he hasn’t done so far and he did this with aplomb and panache! True successor to the legendary Rao Gopal Rao!
Prithvi, Thagubothu Ramesh, Harshavardhan Rane and others did their best to make this horror comedy engaging and entertaining.

Raaja Kiran is unarguably a debutante with mettle - Geethanjali just proved it. Perhaps his job was made easy as this is an intact script. A script driven film and the best thing is that Kona’s dialogue prowess did not take over the necessity of the film. Script driven characters and character driven dialogues are the two best highlights of this script. Of course, there was more comedy powder than the horror liquid in the film. And the lead cast’s performances made this script even more appealing, rather more entertaining. Amidst all this, Raaja Kiran could add a certain style in the making – appreciable!

First Half: This is the most entertaining segment of the entire film. Srinivasa Reddy, Shankar and Rajesh are the heroes of this episode. Interesting narration makes it even more engaging.

Interval: Though it was a predictable one, you wouldn’t mind that as you are more lost in relishing the comedy than waiting for the suspense.

Second Half: The story keeps unfolding and even Brahmi’s character starts unleashing his best in this episode. A most predictable and contrived climax but the second half maintains that entertainment quotient with unwanted incorporations!

- A simple yet elegant storyline.
- The storytelling was intact and entertaining.
- All the lead cast performances especially Anjali, Brahmanandam, Satyam Rajesh, Jabardast Shankar did an impressive job.
- Hale and healthy comedy without repetitive and monotonous stuff.
- Good cinematography and top-notch editing added to an impressive sound design.
- Limited and appropriate song placement.
- A robust screenplay with entertaining scenes and deserving dialogues.

- This horror comedy could have been a notch higher on the scary section just to enrich the viewer’s experience.

Music by Praveen Lakkaraju was decent enough and the songs were well picturised too, especially, the promotional song Saitan Raj, Coffee song and the melody. Alongside, the sound design was top-notch.

Cinematography by Sai Sriram and editing by Upendra were laudable.

Geethanjali is a terrific entertainer! When comedy meets content at the right corner, you get an entertainer like Geethanjali. One can go watch the film anytime with anyone and you will be scared at least once and laugh tons!

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