Geethanjali Team Appreciates iQlik Initiative

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Geethanjali is a shivering and sensational hit in recent times. This is a film which once again proved that “Content is always the King” and Telugu audience will always appreciate a genuine attempt with good content.

A film is termed ‘success’ on various grounds and this film earned that HIT talk right from the premier show (the night before the film’s release) itself. On a generic note, there is a perception and opinion over the film review system. A film critic who claims to be a critical viewer of a film presents his view and opinion over a film which may or may not always coincide with the public report of the film.

Keeping in view of this, besides a critic review, iQlik has introduced a path breaking and interactive system of ‘User Rating’ where in every user who visits the site can rate the prominent departments of the film with their viewing experience. Based on the total number of votes, each film earns an ‘Average User Rating’ which can be understood as the ultimate people judgment.

Explaining this process, writer, lyricist and Creative Head at iQlik Mr. Sira Sri said, “In case of Geethanjali, the film has earned an Avg User Rating of ‘3.25’ and has been maintaining this right from its first day. Adding to which, the film collected over Rs. 2.85 crores in just 4 days. This only proves the success of the film and the accuracy of our success rating system."

The entire team of Geethanjali including Kona Venkat, Brahmanandam, Anjali, Srinivas Reddy and others have appreciated iQlik’s innovative concept of Avg User Rating. Unlike most of the films, this film is being regarded as a genuine hit and even the collections are validating the same!

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