• Cast Sumanth Ashwin,
  • BannerMaya Bazar Movies
  • Editor Uddav S B
  • Cinematography Malhar Butt
  • Music J B
  • Producer Suryadevara Naga Vamsi
  • Director Harinath
  • Audio release date 04 Jul 2014

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Lovers review

“Ee Lovers ki Love Thakkuva Comedy Ekkuva!“

Posted: 15 August 2014-10:48 AM

Siddu (Sumanth Ashwin) is a happy-go-getting youngster and an expert flirt. And Chitra Subramanyam (Nanditha Raj) is a smart and intellectual girl who is a staunch hater of flirts and a strict non-believer of love. She saves two of her friends Geetha (Tejaswi) and another girl from Siddu. In the due course, both Chitra and Siddu develop strong enmity without actually seeing each other. One fine day, Siddu happens to see a girl and falls instantly in love with her. But, fate has something else written for Siddu and Chitra. Amidst various twists and heavy comical drama, how did Siddu and Chitra find their love and end their love story forms the plot of the film.

Sumanth Ashwin: This chocolate boy was as usually smart and lovable in the film. Keeping this aside, our hero has just tested his comic timing in the film and unfortunately couldn’t resist imitating Venkatesh in some scenes.

Nanditha Raj: She was cute and glamorous in the film. Sumanth and Nanditha have put up a striking chemistry on-screen.

Tejaswi Madivada: This Ice Cream is just as endearing as a Vanilla Ice cream in the film. She did her best in making this romantic comedy even more entertaining.

Sai: This fledgling comedian steals the show. He carried the entire first half upon his shoulders and delivered a laugh riot. His typical histrionics and accent will make you laugh your guts out!

Saptagiri: This Jr. Brahmanandam is the star of the show. If Sai takes care of the first half, Saptagiri unleashes his ‘viswaroopam’ in the second half!

MS Narayana: He was entertaining in his typical ‘Church father’ role.

Director Harinath with the right aid of a writer and filmmaker like Maruthi cooked a good time pass entertainer. More than his direction, this film looks like a mere visual translation of a well-scripted entertainer. However, the comedy has taken over content in the film. Neither the conflict point wasn’t so strong enough to pull off an intense love story nor was the trivial point treated well enough! But, the film offers an outright laugh riot with couple of hilarious segments.

First Half: Hero, Heroines, songs, a single comedian and few hilarious comedy scenes. By the time you realize you laughed enough, the first half is done.

Second Half: Again a hero, heroines is accompanied with couple of turns and a sad song. But here a man called Saptagiri makes the difference. He uses his typical magic wand and drags you off. By the time you settle down, the second half is over!

- Lead cast performances especially Sumanth Ashwin, Sai and Saptagiri.
- Hilarious dialogues and exclusive comedy tracks of Sai and Saptagiri.
- Entertaining narration.
- Decent music.
- Good cinematography.

- Flimsy writing with no proper conflict point and plot.
- Lack of intense scenes and story telling.

JB has given a striking and catchy music. But the back ground score can be even more intense and heart tugging. Of course, he seldom got a chance to score some impactful back ground score.

Dialogues by Maruthi especially in the comedy episodes of Sai and Sapthagiri are evoking huge laughter in the theaters. Those comedy dialogues shall strike a chord instantly with the masses.

Maruthi’s Lovers are pakka time pass lovers with more comedy and less love. You can watch it once for 2 ‘S’- comedians Sai and Saptagiri! And this is for all the feminists out there – Beware of this film… your sentiments might get seriously hurt in the most comical way!

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