Hero Offers for 'Junior Brahmanandam'

By - August 16, 2014 - 03:51 PM IST

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Can you deny if we say Prema Katha Chitram was a trend setting film? The genre of ‘Horror Comedy’ was revived with this film. Ironically, the film did more good to one person named ‘Saptagiri’ than the director or the lead cast. Saptagiri became a star overnight and is enjoying the high tide of his career with back-to-back films.

The moment he comes on-screen, the public response is quite amazing! Usually, Brahmanandam gets such a response. Now, such a response has become a usual routine in any theatre (multiplex or normal) when Saptagiri is seen. Some industry people have already given him the title ‘Junior Brahmanandam’. Of course, he is just an upcoming comedian and hasn’t achieved at least 1% of what Brahmi accomplished but his craze has increased manifold. If not an exaggeration, according to insider reports, almost 6 producers are after Saptagiri offering hero chances.
Guess his response?

You should be thinking that he has given a nod immediately. Then why would we even write this article?

If you didn’t think so, smart guys you are! Well yes… Saptagiri isn’t showing any interest in these ‘hero offers’, according to sources. He is a ‘Smart Guy’ too! What say folks?