Nag's Geetanjali Vs Anjali's Geetanjali: BG Factor

By - August 16, 2014 - 03:45 PM IST

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There are those unforgettable classics that make you feel nostalgic and soothe your emotions. In Tollywood, one such flick is Geetanjali which starred Nagarjuna and Girija. The film by Mani Ratnam created such an impact those days that many lovers used to take oaths in theatres that they will never leave each other after watching the film.

But recently another Geetanjali arrived and after watching it, many theatre goers are stating that they will check the background of a flat or house before getting into it. Anyways, both the films have worked tremendously at the box office and there is a common factor which has brought them together.

It is the Burial Ground factor. In Nag’s Geetanjali there is a burial ground element which is used more for entertainment and humor. Similarly, in the latest Geetanjali starring Anjali, there is a burial ground element used for similar purpose. Those who have watched both films are saying the burial ground factor has proved lucky to the two Geetanjalis. It looks like a new sentiment in the making then.

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