'Pedda Dikku' For Medium Range Films

By - August 16, 2014 - 03:53 PM IST

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Though the film industry comes under one umbrella the fact remains that there are many divisions within it. We are talking about the segment of films based on their budgets. While the big budget movies are not much of a concern, it is the mid segment and small segment movies which are always on fire.

Given the quantity they are made in and the amount of talented individuals who are keen to grow, the medium range flicks are crucial to survive. But Tollywood seems to have got a breath of fresh air in the form of one person. He is star writer Kona Venkat. Lately, Kona has begun entering film production and is focusing more on medium range projects.

Recently, he presented Geethanjali which became a hit and now he is presenting one more movie starring Goutham, son of Brahmanandam. It is not just his money but also his brains that is going in. Yes, Kona is also penning the dialogues for the film. Well, a dual combo of power of his pen and branding is proving to be really useful and many have started calling him as ‘Pedda Dikku’ for medium range films.

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