• Cast Suriya,
  • BannerRamalakshmi Cine Creations
  • Editor Anthony
  • Cinematography Santosh Sivan
  • Music
  • Producer Lagadapati Sridhar
  • Director N Linguswamy
  • Audio release date 31 Jul 2014

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Sikindar review

“Bang Bang Bang & BANG“

Posted: 15 August 2014-11:10 AM

Krishna (Surya), a crippled young man from Visakhapatnam comes to Mumbai in search of his brother (Raju Bhai) who is regarded as a big don in Mumbai. In pursuit of Raju Bhai, he keeps meeting various close aides of Raju Bhai and keeps learning about Raju Bhai’s best friend and partner Chandru (Vidyut Jamwal), Raju Bhai’s love interest Jeeva (Samantha) and Imran Bhai (Manoj Bajpai), yet another key king pin in Mumbai. As he gets close to Raju Bhai’s past, he grabs the attention of Imran Bhai. As Imran Bhai’s henchmen lay their eyes upon Krishna, he reveals his original identity. Krishna, his relation with Raju Bhai, his rivalry with Imran Bhai and his mission forms the crux of the story.

Suriya: As usually, he is a stunner in the film – be it his style or performance. He is intense, dynamic and stylish in the film. Especially, his signature ‘tooth-pick’ style in the film is truly highlight.

Vidyut Jamwal: This suave B'wood hunk is an able actor and this film had just a slice of the true actor in him. Both Suriya and Vidyut were stunning on-screen and have put up an entertaining performance.

Samantha: You will see the other face of Samantha in this film. She is at her glamorous best in the film. Who said Samantha is just an actor? She oozes out her oomph and glamor like never before! She’s an absolute treat!

Manoj Bajpai: He brings stature and glamor to the role of a Mafia don.

Brahmanandam: He was totally under-utilized in the film. The comedy dosage that his character offers is just not enough for us.

The rest of the cast give their best to make the film appealing enough.

Lingusamy who is known for his action dramas was successful in bringing in the much needed look, style, glamor and grandeur to the film. But the only point he missed here is that Tollywood is 10yrs ahead in this mafia genre and impressing the Telugu audience with a mafia storyline is really a tough row to hoe. He could bring in the best cast and top-notch technicians and get a stylish product - close but no cigar.

First Half: The film takes off with an interesting point and captivating narration. With an initial comedy touch, a cute love story between the lead pair and few intense scenes, the first half is a passable affair. Surya’s style, action and songs are the key highlights.

Interval Bang: This pre-interval episode delivers an impressive twist in the story and closes on an intense note.

Second Half: Promising an interesting mission, the second half literally crawls with predictive plots and coerced songs. Suriya’s energy and Samantha’s glamor try to pull offf the second half but in vain. The enitre plot which started off with a bang bombed up in the second half. The climax could have been a notch smarter and effective.

- Undoubtedly Suriya’s style & action, Samantha’s glamor, Vidyut & Manoj Bajpai’s performance.
- Good music and captivating re-recording by Yuvan Shankar Raja.
- A-grade cinematography by Santosh Sivan.

- Predictive plot and ineffective narration.
- The scenes and dialogues which lack the punch and luster.
- Mediocre action episodes.

Yuvan has given a chartbuster commercial album which was well picturized too! The re-recording was also too good that you can’t ask for more.

The special item number of Chitrangda Singh wasn’t up to the snuff while Samantha stole the show all the way. Editing by Anthony was slick enough. Besides this, the opening title card animation was impressive.

Guns…Bullets…Songs...Fights…Style and Love here and there – this is what Sikindar is all about. With rich experience in watching mafia based films, Telugu audience finds this one as a film with substance taken over by style. You can watch the film if you are a hard core fan of Surya/Samantha/Manoj Bajpai.   

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