Breaking News: Samantha in 2-Piece Bikini

By - August 11, 2014 - 12:26 PM IST

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The ultimate weapon for any actress to set the screen of fire is to act in intimidate scenes or by donning a bikini. This culture was adopted by Hollywood many decades ago and it picked up in Bollywood in the last two decades. Slowly, it has spread to the Southern circuit and it must be said that the top league heroines are yet to jump completely into the bandwagon.
However, the boldness quotient is on the rise and if a name like Samantha is flashing in this segment, then it is sensational. But then, it could be true also. Inside reports reveal that she will be seen sporting a two piece bikini in her upcoming film Sikindar which is gearing up for release on August 15.  
If this is really true then Sikindar will stand a good chance of creating new records in Tollywood despite being a dubbed flick from Tamil. What say Samantha fans?

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