• Cast Srihari, Adith, Y Supriya
  • BannerDristhi Entertainments
  • Editor Prawin Pudi
  • Cinematography G S Raj
  • Music Sekhar Chandra
  • Producer Madhu Thota
  • Director Nagu Gavara
  • Audio release date 09 Apr 2014

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Weekend Love review

“A passable one-time watch love story“

Posted: 12 September 2014-05:18 AM

Ganesh (Adith) is one happy-go-getter Casanova with his own theories about contemporary women and love. One fine day, he falls instantly for Sandhya at a dine-wine party. Ganesh as usually looks at impressing Sandhya who is a principled and traditional lady. He even joins the IT firm in which Sandhya works. He impresses her and even manages to convince her for a live-in association. Did Ganesh’s ploys to take advantage and make love to Sandhya work? Did Sandhya get to know the true colors of Ganesh? What twists and turns did their relationship go through & how did it end up forms the plot of the film.

Adith: This ‘Katha’ fame actor is one talented chap in the town today. Though his first movie has shown just a slice of him, this film unveils the actor in him. Of course, he needs to mellow in his dances but he was impressive with his subtle emotions.

Supriya Sailaja: This newbie is just a white-skinned diva with a poker face. Except her smile, nothing is worthy of her to mention.

Sri Hari: He does his elderly role with poise but unfortunately his character is limited.

MS Narayana: His character as ‘Akarsh The Magnet’ did evoke some laughter in the second half.

The rest of the cast that includes Rao Ramesh, Thagubothu Ramesh, Srinivasa Reddy, Prithvi, Prabhas Srinu et al did their best in their limited roles to keep this film entertaining.

With this film, debutante director Naghu Gavara proved to be a good dialogue writer than a director. He penned sharp, acute and worthy dialogues with both point and punch. His characterization was trendy yet realistic. His narration was routine yet engaging especially in the first half. Yes…forced comedy tracks, songs and fights do give you a darshan!

First Half: It is a blend of a love story blended with comedy. Songs, MS Comedy and the scenes between the hero and heroine pulls off the story.
Interval Bang: This is a routine and predictable point in the film.
Second Half: This segment of the film sails off so predictably. The lag in this segment might actually bother you but the film ends up on a positive and convincing note.

- Lead act performance including the hero, Sri Hari, comedians etc.
- Some amazing dialogues which instantly evoke laughter and strike the chord.
- Hale and healthy comedy that families can enjoy.
- Good Music and decent back ground score.

- Heroine and her deadpan face might add to the demerits of the film.  
- Sluggish narration in the second half might affect the feel and flavor of the film.
- Scenes lack luster and intensity to make this love story appealing.

Music by Shekhar Chandra is good and commercially viable. Even the back ground score is amazing.

Dialogues by director Naghu Gavara are impressive enough. Cinematography and editing can be a notch better.

With koncham love and koncham comedy, Weekend Love is a one-time watch film. If not intentionally it’ll be a passable affair if you happen to land up accidentally in the weekend.

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