Final Movies Of Sri Hari Coming Soon

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It has been a while since the revered actor Srihari has passed away but then the vacuum is yet to be filled in Tollywood. While his unexpected demise has shocked his fans, they are consoling themselves with the fact that there are still few films of the actor waiting to hit the screens.

Very soon, a new film titled as ‘Real Star’ will release and Srihari has got one of the lead roles in it. Then there is another movie titled as ‘Shiv Keshav’ which also has Sanjjanaa as the leading lady. Srihari is essaying a powerful character role in this film, as per sources.

Last but not the least, there is another film ‘Weekend Love Story’ which is also up for release. Srihari has played an important role and it has Supriya Shailja of ‘Rushi’ fame as the leading lady. The point to note is, they are all coming with the tag of Srihari’s final movies so his fans want to make the most of it.

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