Nagarjuna Wants To Retire From Films?

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Akkineni Nagarjuna is very much known for his risk taking attitude and is highly renowned for his belief in new technology and fresh film makers. He has introduced many young directors through his films and paved a smooth way for their careers. Sweetly called as King, Nagarjuna is considering his retirement as an actor.

As per the latest news, Nagarjuna might be opting for a retirement from his acting career as soon as he completes the 100th film. Manam is the 89th film of Nagarjuna and his retirement will take at least 4 more years to happen going by the current pace. Nagarjuna is said to be concentrating on his personal businesses along with the movie production after the retirement. He wants to bring out the best of young talent that we’ve today and give them the much needed film chances. He will be planning his career in that direction from now onwards!

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