• Cast Nandu, Anu Priya, Sai Ronak, Sirisha
  • BannerA Moonwater Pictures
  • Editor Shravan Katikaneni
  • Cinematography Sudheer Surendran
  • Music Rahul Raj
  • Producer Rakesh Mahankali, Pavan Kumar Reddy
  • Director Mahi V Raghav
  • Audio release date 24 Aug 2014

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Paathshala review

“Gamyam + Happy Days - Feel = Paathshala“

Posted: 11 October 2014-10:00 AM

Bhupathi Raju (Nandu), Surya (Hamid), Salma (Sirisha), Sandhya (Anupriya), Aadhi (Sai Ronic) are four close buddies and fresh Engineering graduates who set on a road trip before they part ways and movie ahead in life. Their road trip that started on a lighter note turns a roller coaster ride with a series of events and a person named Karthik (Shashank). What changes did their lives undergo and how did their road trip end forms the plot of the story.

All the new faces in the film Hamid, Salma, Anupriya, Sai Ronic have got their acts right in this new age story. They had a good screen presence too!

Nandu: He was a charmer in the film as ‘Bhupathi Raju’. He gave his best to the limited character offered.

Shashank: He plays a crucial role of ‘Karthik’ in the film which veers the course of the story. He delivers a heart tugging performance!

The rest of the cast including Krishna Bhagvan, Shalini et al enter on purpose and disappear!

Paathshala is undoubtedly a genuine attempt by writer, producer turned director Mahi k’raghav. Road film is a rarely touched upon genre in Tollywood and Mahi has just won the brownie points by making a gutsy yet genuine attempt. Yes, Paathshala does have its own loose ends and setbacks that might affect its commercial fate but with stunning visuals and a soothing narration, Paathshala is a whiff of fresh air from the irksome routine stuff. His conflict point and characterization are realistic and does relate to today’s youth. Of course, an intense and emotionally tugging plot with a proper mission could have made it a better film. The aimless journey of the lead characters with a lethargic second half might be the lone element of inconvenience for the viewer.

First Half: This is a cozy ride with the plot sailing off comfortably. Some good songs and Nandu’s performance are the hooking elements of this episode.

Interval: This is quite a forced interval episode which might not seem like a ‘bang’ but in fact just a ‘break’.

Second Half: The journey finds a direction with the entry of Shashank which is predictable though. Shashank’s episode and his performance are the key assets of the film. However, the inevitable lag, lethargic narrative, the lack of intensity in the scenes and forced conclusions make it an insipid watch which might drive your concentration onto the popcorn rather than the film.

- The lead cast performance especially Shashank.
- Good Music and Top notch Cinematography.
- Engaging First Half and contemporary dialogues.

- The slothful second half.
- Absolutely zero commercial elements in the film might disappoint the masses.

Oh My Friend fame Rahul Raj gave some good music and decent back ground score for the film - Impressive!

Dialogues in the film are very contemporary and might strike a chord.

Paathshala might remind you of Gamyam and Happy Days but if you are really sick of the routine commercial stuff and if you are seriously looking to take a break and breathe in some fresh air then our recommendation is Paathshala!

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