Paathshala Trailer Talk

By - July 28, 2014 - 12:18 PM IST

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It is always important for any film to come up with their best trailer because that is what decides the impression and fate. It also creates the curiosity among the common audience which in turn pulls them to the theaters. One film which has taken that first step is Paathshala and recently the trailer of the film was unveiled.

Those who saw it say it has been picturized very well and the film has a ‘Road’ concept involving the lead characters with each of them having their own share of experiences and challenges in life. The element of friendship, romance and setting a goal in life seems to be the main theme behind the making of this film.

The notable faces in this film are Nandu, Shashank and senior actors like Narasimha Raju, Vijay Chandar. As of now, the first feel looks positive and the film seems to contain a sensible message. If the film is packed with the right energy and some gripping moments then it might lead to a success at the box office.

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