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Premabhishekam story at a glance

Premabhishekam can be undoubtedly termed as the most successful film in Dasari Narayana Rao’s career because he carefully created a storyline for which ANR is perfectly suitable. He knew the pulse of the audience and how the audience would want to see ANR on screen. He was totally aware about what sort of dialogues would suit ANR, and which type of sentimental scenes would attract the female audience. Dasari made an eternal film recipe by adding all these aspects as ingredients in perfect proportion to make a commercially successful film. He could show ANR as a young man when the latter is 57 years of age- that too opposite a young actress like Sridevi, thereby earning the appreciation of the audience. After tremendous commercial success with Dasara Bullodu and Prem Nagar in 1971, Dasari has been instrumental in giving ANR such a big hit ten years later. Though ANRs presence with acting and dance steps has been crucial for the film’s success, the major credit goes to Dasari for making it a gripping drama and a great love story to watch on screen. In order to bring back the popular Devadasu image in ANR, Dasari attempted ‘Devadasu Malli Puttadu’. Dasari also tried a different rough and tough angle of ANR with ‘Raamude Raavanudaithe’. Unforuntaely, neither of this films could get successful. An unnerved Dasari decided to make Premabhishekam making no mistake in any aspect of film making and Chakarvathy’s commercial tunes added much to the film. It is said that Jayasudha expected the main female lead’s role for this film and was disappointed when she got the role of the prostitute in it. But Dasari explained Jayasudha about the greatness of the role she got and eventually convinced her. This film was made in Tamil as well with Kamal Hassan and Sridevi in the lead. It was successful in Hindi as well.

Story Details
Rajesh (ANR) is the son of an affluent gentleman Satyamurthy (Prabhakar Reddy). He is well educated and loves to enjoy life on his own terms. He falls in love with the beautiful Sridevi (Sridevi). Initially, Sridevi refuses Rajesh’s love but the latter wins her love with his determination. Sridevi has a brother Chakravarthy (Mohan Babu) and incidentally his friend Prasad (Murali Mohan) loves her. Chakravarthy decides to marry his sister to his friend. Suddenly, Rajesh comes to know he has cancer turning the story to a new phase. He takes a word from his family doctor (Gummadi) not to reveal this fact to anyone. Rajesh knows very well that Sridevi cannot live if she comes to know about his fatal disease. That is why he decides to act weird and like a spoiled brat so that she would hate him eventually. Jayanthi (Jayasudha)  is a prostitute and helps Rajesh in portraying such image. Jayanthi and Sridevi have a rift during this situation. The former understands the turmoil faced by Rajesh and realizes his great persona. She even gets married to Rajesh in his fatal condition. Rajesh’s health worsens and in such juncture Sridevi comes to know the truth. She realizes her fault but unfortunately things go beyond hands with the demise of Rajesh.

ANR is highly charming as the young Rajesh in this film. His real life motto of being young at heart was at perfect use in this film. He even danced equally well with a young heroine like Sridevi and they share a good chemistry together on screen. ANR’s acting in the emotional scenes is a treat to watch. Sridevi is glamorous as well as competently good in performing opposite a senior actor like ANR. Mohan Babu is adequate as the brother of Sridevi. Jayasudha gets a memorable role of a prostitute who understands the mental turmoil of the hero. Gummadi, Murali Mohan and Prabhakar Reddy are good in their respective roles.

Technical Aspects:
The real talent of Dasari in making a simple story look interesting is commendable. The best part of the film is keeping the aspect of hero’s fatal disease as suspense between the characters and building up of the sympathy factor for the hero till the end. Dasari was tremendously successful in doing this. The film doesn’t have a single boring moment and high on melodramatic aspect as well. Music by Chakravarthy became commercial hit with songs like  Devi Mounama, Naa Kallu Chebuthunnayi, Kotappa Kondaku Vasthanani Mokkukunna, Premabhishekam Premaku Pattabhishekam, Aagadhu Ye Nimishamu Nee Kosamu became all time hits.

Cast and Crew:

Rajesh- ANR

Sridevi- Sridevi

Jayanthi- Jayasudha

Chakravarthy- Mohan Babu

Satyamurthy- Prabhakar Reddy

Prasad- Murali Mohan

Family Doctor- Gummadi

Music- Chakravarthy

Producers- Venkat Akkineni, Nagarjuna Akkineni

Story, Screenplay, Dialogues, Lyrics and Direction- Dasari Narayana Rao

Banner- Annapurna Studios

Release Date- 18th Feb 1981


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