• Birth NameDasari Narayana Rao
  • Date of birth May 4th, 1944
  • Birth Place Palakol, AP
  • Occupation Director

"Dasari got a small role in Andam Kosam Pandhem directed by Amancharala Seshagiri Rao."

Did You

Dasari reached Hyderabad for the sake of employment and joined as a factory worker in Sananthnagar.


Dasari Narayana Rao- the name itself speaks of hard work and determination to become a complete artist. By the bio data itself, one can imagine his multi talented aspects. During his studies in Palakollu, stage dramas interested Dasari and he himself penned many stage dramas and acted in them as well. Obviously, he got a great name for his work. He reached Hyderabad for the sake of employment and joined as a factory worker in Sananthnagar. During this period he used to act in dramas and got used to earn many accolades and prizes. It was when a film producer saw Dasari’s talent in a drama performed at Ravindra Bharati and was amazed. The producer called Dasari to Madras saying the film industry needs such people’s work.

Cut from there..

Dasari Narayana Rao started his journey to Madras from Hyderabad with hopes of bright career and dreams. The train stopped in Madras Central Railway Station. Though Dasari got a warm welcome in the studio he was invited for, he couldn’t get a hero chance straightaway. He got a small role in ‘Andam Kosam Pandhem’ directed by Amancharala Seshagiri Rao.

However, Dasari did not get disappointed with the not so significant first role he got. He was determined to make his own mark in film industry and started studying the various aspects of film making with vigor and interest. Instead of confining to acting alone, he tried his talent and skill in every important aspect of filmmaking such as screenplay, dialogues, lyric writing and so on. In short, he studied the making of cinema in an intricate fashion. He discovered the magical formula of a successful film with strong dialogues, drama in minimal budget. As a part of it, he made the script , dialogues and screenplay of Tatha Manavadu ready and met many producers for finance. Most of them appreciated the subject but did not come forward to produce it. Then the dramatic moment arrived with producer K.Raghava, who entered into Film industry as an office boy and growing as a great film personality coming forward to produce the film. Dasari’s career is a perfect example of what happens when a talented person also has patience and intelligence. The muhurtham in which Dasari’s first film began sure is quite powerful. Thatha Manavadu achieved a superior success. Right from the year of its release in 1973, Dasari never looked back in his career. He scored a series of hits continuously and even established a home production banner under his wife’s name Dasari Padma. He made many competent directors and gave them to the industry. The worthy experience he gained by working under senior writer Palagummi Padmaraju never went wasted. Dasari felicitated his writing guru in many ways as well. Apart from this, he gave worthy employment to many aspiring writers and talented actors in Telugu Cinema. Along with new comers, he gave successful films to Krishna , Sobhan Babu along with acting stalwarts like Sr.NTR and ANR. Dasari is a phenomenal actor along with being a superior dialogue writer, lyric writer and director. After reaching a strong level in film making, Dasari also ventured into the world of press and publishing by launching ‘Udayam’ and ‘Sivaranjani’. He then graced the world of Politics by becoming a Member of Parliament as well. Dasari reached to a level where film analysts call him a university for film making. He is an inspiration to aspirants of Cinema and laid a great path for Film makers. Dasari was awarded many felicitations and honorary titles. Most importantly, the devotion and dedication Dasari has for Telugu Cinema is inspirational.

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