Dasari Narayana Rao's Special Birthday Interview

By - May 03, 2014 - 07:31 PM IST

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Dasari Narayana Rao is one of the most gifted filmmakers of Telugu Cinema. His unique way of portraying strong characters and films relating to social awareness were always well received by the audience. Being a director with good music taste as well, he gave some brilliant films such as Thatha Manavadu, Megha Sandesham, Sivaranjani, Premabhishekham and so on. The multi talented writer, actor and director is celebrating his birthday today. Here is an iQlik exclusive chitchat with Dasari Narayana Rao.

Hello Dasari garu..wishing you many happy returns of the day!
Namaste.. Thank you.

Are you working on any films from this year?
I am starting a new film tomorrow. I couldn’t do any films last year due to personal reasons. But now I will get busy with films. Pitrudevobhava is the movie. The film talks about the greatness of father and family values one should respect.

What is your take on your son Arun Kumar’s acting career?
I couldn’t promote my son. I didn’t know how to promote him then. Greekuverudu was directed by me and it was when I was busy with Osay Ramulamma. While directing I didn’t put extra effort that’s why it failed. However his second film Chinna fared well with good promotion work. If another such film arrived his career would have been established. Now he is doing remake version of a Malayalam Film named Neram. My assistant Ravikumar is directing it. The film is stretched in a timeline of a day ranging from morning 9AM to evening 5PM. There are no songs or fights. It is an out and out thriller.

Any reason behind choosing a remake film for Arun? You are definitely not devoid of good stories!
As far as this film is concerned, my influence shouldn’t be there. I am not involving in script or the story. I am bestowing all the responsibility of the film to Arun. He should establish as an actor by own.

Why was the film Vaddi Kasula Vaadu stopped?
The storyline of the film was based on the political conditions before the state bifurcation happened. But now the story would look out of place because the state has been divided. As that script wouldn’t work, I am re-working on it to suit the current political conditions.

When can we expect a Political Satire based film from you?
I will be taking a new political satire based on current day scenario very soon.

What you think are the main issues which are plaguing the film industry now?
Small cinema has been destroyed fully and no scope. Producers are investing without being aware of the film. They don’t have an idea about the story and hence directors are increasing budget. Cinema has three seasons and for every season only star hero films are releasing. No chance for small films. Only certain star family heroes are promoted.  Small cinema releasing itself is a hit.

Why according to you has the satellite market stooped down?
The filmmakers are making below average quality films and selling it to the satellite owners even before the film is released. Due to poor viewership the satellite owners are running losses. That is why they are purchasing the films only after the film is being released and successful.

Your take on the Piracy issue - which is the main damaging factor for film business?
Any issue is being addressed only when a particular producer is having trouble.  There is absolutely no unity. That’s why this problem is still persisting. Piracy still exists. Heroes, directors, and heroines continue to increase their remuneration. Budget is skyrocketing, and cost failures are increasing. The root reason for this should be found out. MAA, Directors association should make a strict and collective decision to curb it. They are not working well. Previously when there was a problem people used to come to me but not anymore.  Does it mean there are no problems? I really don’t know.

What is your opinion on too many star heroes coming up in Telugu Cinema?
They are literally being forced on the audience. The star families continue to do it until their hero is reluctantly accepted by the audience.

The reason behind no 100 days films coming up?
That is the sad plight of our Telugu Cinema today. Current day filmmakers are happy if a film runs for three days. That three days run films are not having collections from fourth day irrespective of the budget. Then how can a film run for 100 days? If a film is run in 1500 theatres, such situations arise.

Your take on the political conditions of the state?
Do we really need to talk about politics? I never saw such pathetic politics till date. I have been seeing the way elections were run in this country right from the beginning. It has never been this bad. Nobody knows who is supporting which party and who is criticizing whom. Many people approached me to support their party but I didn’t agree. With admiration for congress party I stayed there and my adoration for Indira Gandhi is making me do it.

Any update on your autobiography book?
I have already started working on it. I would be releasing it for my next birthday.

Okay..It was great having a conversation with you Dasari garu. Wishing you a happy birthday once again!
Thank you..the pleasure is mine.

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