Kotha Janta Heroine Regina's Special Interview

By - May 03, 2014 - 05:47 PM IST

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Regina Cassandra has stolen many young hearts with her memorable performance in Sundeep Kishan starrer Routine Love Story earlier. Now the charming girl is all set to enthrall the audience in Allu Sirish starrer Kotha Janta directed by Small Film Wonder Maruthi. Her vivacious nature, innocent looks and tremendous acting skills made Telugu Film Industry look for her work in further films. Here is an iQlik exclusive chitchat with the young actress:

Hi Regina.. Congrats on your film’s success!
Hi.. Thanks a lot!

Have you watched the film along with the audience?
Yes, I watched Kohta Janta twice along with the audience and was thrilled to get such great response. The character I played in the film is quite close to what I am in real life and in the current day scenario; some level of selfishness is definitely needed for anybody to grow in career.

How was it working with your co-star Allu Sirish?
Sirish has put up lot of hard work in this film. He was always fun filled in the sets and I am sure he will excel in acting much more in coming films.

Please tell us how you could learn Telugu so fast!
It is undoubtedly Maruthi sir who was my first guru in teaching Telugu. Dialogue for each scene used to range from two to three pages and I used to prepare as if it was for an Exam! That was the reason I could learn Telugu so quickly.

How are you feeling for signing to big films under Geetha Arts banner?
I am extremely honored to sign two big films with them. They are a huge production house with great filmmaking values.

Have you met anybody in life who is similar to your hero Allu Sirish’s character in Kotha Janta?
Of course I did! Most of the people who are in competitive field, irrespective of career are selfish at some point or other in life.

Your Telugu is really good. Did you ever think of dubbing your characters?
I’ve been in Telugu Film Industry for nearly three years and how can I not speak Telugu! I never kept any special effort for learning the language. All I did was to read the script and by heart the lines. Eventually, I got get some command over the language. Regarding dubbing, I feel it is a great art and cannot be done by everyone easily. It is something more than just delivering the lines without emotion.  Once I get confidence in dubbing I would definitely lend voice for my characters.

Any special compliment for your performance in Kotha Janta?
Allu Arjun was the first person to praise my performance in Kotha Janta. He particularly said that he never heaps praise on anyone and hence the compliment is even more special.

How do you choose your characters?
I must admit I haven’t come to a stage where I can have certain prerequisites to choose a character of my choice. But yes, I should like the story and the director’s approach. If it works, I would definitely sign up.

Do you find any merits and demerits in your performances?
I’ve seen myself number of times on screen. I look quite good when I underplay but at times I succumb to give too many expressions which wouldn’t suit the character.

Who are your best critics?
I take reviews from everyone and read reviews as well. My mom also gives me suggestions but in limit. I always keep a check on myself. Take good care of diet, do gym and yoga. I love dancing. I go for a walk in KBR Park regularly and I wear goggles and cover my face while walking.

How do you feel when people compare you with glamour doll Ileana?
It’s a great compliment. I got similar compliment like this. She is a proved artist and I feel blessed to be compared to her.

Is it true that you have completely changed to a vegan?
Yes. It was because of a story I read in a pamphlet sent by an NGO to promote vegetarian diet. The story was so heart touching that I burst into tears. It was right from then I stopped eating meat. Previously, I used to eat chicken, fish and even pork but now I am a totally transformed vegan!

What do you usually do in your free time?
Even if I get a break of 2-3 days I love visiting to forests. I absolutely admire wildlife and enjoy forest treks.

Do you keep track on gossips relating to yourself or Film Industry in general?
I never keep any track of gossips relating to me. I’ve never found a need to bother about them either.. In fact many friends of mine tell about the gossip stories which I am unaware of! I just hope I never fall in the league of filmy gossips!

Are you comfortable with skin show and intimate scenes?
I can do only until my comfort permits me. Same with lip lock. More than what the story demands, I prefer my comfort level. I never wear short dresses in real life and hope I remain the same on screen. Profession should be treated as profession. I cannot oppose what I dress or act for. But if it’s beyond my limit I would tell straight to the director.

Can we watch you dance on screen in your upcoming films?
Yes, I never got a chance to dance on screen till date. I learnt dance in childhood. I hope I will do in my upcoming films.

Upcoming projects?
Films in hand Power, Pilla Nuvvu Leni Jeevitham and Shankara are my upcoming projects.

Okay.. thank you Regina and once again congrats on the success of Kotha Janta!
Thanks a lot!

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