Dasari's Clarification about his Blessings!

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Dasari Narayana Rao- actor, lyricist, writer, producer, director and a fatherly figure to the Telugu industry.

Many upcoming producers, directors, artists and technicians seek the blessings of this filmmaking great and treat him as their guide in the industry. It is also quite common to find his name on the posters of some small budget films as it is a sign of thanksgiving by his protégés or followers.

In the same way, some people misuse his name without his consent for their vested interests and the same thing happened once again. Going into the news, Jonalagadda Srinivasa Rao, a a producer started a film called Gnanbali and they used Dasari’s name on their film's poster.

Well this has come to the notice of Dasari and his team has immediately released a press note regarding this matter clarifying that he is no way related/associated with neither the producer nor the film. Also Dasari urged not to use his name anywhere without his prior consent.

Well, can this termed as 'Fame ka Side Effects'???.

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