• Cast , Divya Bharathi,
  • BannerSuresh Productions
  • Editor --
  • Cinematography --
  • Music Ilaiyaraaja
  • Producer Suresh Babu Daggubati, D Ramanaidu
  • Director B. Gopal
  • Audio release date NA

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Bobbili Raja story at a glance

Bobbili Raja is a Telugu Comedy Blockbuster film starring Venkatesh and debutant Divya Bharati in the lead. The film fetched Venkatesh a name of versatile hero with interesting histrionics and comedy timing. Though the film was inspired from Hollywood films like Romancing the Stone and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, the nativity and funny sequences along with strong storyline made it a superhit.

Story Details:
Raja (Venkatesh) is a happy go lucky youngster who lives in the forest along with his mother and grandfather (Gummadi). Rani (Divya Bharati) is an arrogant daughter of even more arrogant Akhilandeshwari (Vanisri) , the Forest minister of the state. It so happens that Rani arrives in the forest where Raja resides along with her friends on a picnic. The forest officer (Brahmanandam) assigns the task of showing the forest to Raja. After few funny interactions and sequences between the lead pair, they fall in love in dramatic situations. But as the story unfolds, Raja comes to know Rani is related to him and her mother does lot of injustice to his family even before he was born. Rest of the story is about how Raja teaches a lesson to Akhilandeshwari and proves his worth in his hometown- Bobbili. Hence the name Bobbili Raja!

Venkatesh is excellent as the funny forest wanderer and at the same time a person seeking revenge as the film progresses by. He looks brilliant in the song sequences especially with the forest safari get up wearing the hat and the wildlife styled boots. This was Divya Bharati’s debut film as heroine and she did a great performance. Though her character is etched with arrogance, there is a certain degree of cuteness Divya Bharati gave to it. The audience was mesmerized with her beauty and acting skills, and she gained hearts of many young male fans of that age!

Vanisri is dealt as the arrogant mother and the right complementary to the hero, her confidence in acting skills makes her role like a cakewalk. Satyanarayana is sweet as the mellowed husband of Vanisri and Kota, Sivaji Raja, Brahmanandam ,Gummadi bag crucial roles in the film.

Technical Aspects:
The dialogues were written by the powerful duo Paruchuri Brothers and they do complete justice to a commercial subject like this.  Music by Ilaiyaraja is a sure asset for this film and the songs Balapam Patti, Ayyo Ayyo, Chemma Chekka and Kanyakumari became all time hits. The song Kanyakumari featured graphics for the first time in Telugu Cinema which drew children of that age to the theatres. The film is produced on a major scale by Suresh Productions, and the production values are of top notch. Direction by B.Gopal is crystal clear without any dull moments at all.


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