• Cast , Jaya Chitra
  • BannerSuresh Productions
  • Editor --
  • Cinematography --
  • Music K.V Mahadevan
  • Producer D Ramanaidu
  • Director K. Bapaiah
  • Audio release date NA

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Soggadu story at a glance

Sobhan Babu attained a great name as an actor with different style by acting in films like Manushulu Maarali, Maanavudu Daanavudu, Sampoorna Ramayanam, Kaalam Maarindhi, Manchi Manushulu, Jebu Donga and Jeevana Jyothi. However, it was Soggadu which took him to a new level of superstardom. In short Soggadu is to Sobhan Babu in the similar way like how Dasara Bullodu was for ANR. Though there is nothing spectacular in the film with regards to his performance,  his presence in the film attracted the youth, especially women audience. With a dialogue delivery appealing to the masses,  Sobhan Babu exuded breathtaking glamour in this film. He proved once again that he is an actor who doesn’t hesitate to act in any sort of role.

Story Details:
Sobahandri (Sobhan Babu) is one haughty gentleman of the village where he is looked upon as a kabaddi champion, youthful farmer,  handsome hunk and a philanthropist at heart. He is affectionately called as Soggadu by the villagers. He isn’t highly educated and he has a rustic touch to his language and lifestyle. Our dear hero Soggadu has a flashback in childhood, where his father Simhadri (Gummadi) is killed by an arrogant zamindar  Bhupathi (Satyanarayana). Simhadri’s wife (Anjali) does agriculture along with his son and doesn’t let him involve in revenge. Soggadu has an uncle Paramesam (Allu Ramaligaiah) who is prominently famous in the village. Paramesam has a beautiful and well educated daughter named Saroja ( Jayasudha). She falls in love with Soggadu and they plan to marry. But Paramesam disagrees for the alliance calling Soggadu uneducated and a villager who cannot deserve hand of someone like Saroja. A deeply hurt Soggadu challenges his uncle that he will go to the city and transform as an educated good looking guy so that he can marry Saroja. Soggadu arrives in the city and faces lot of challenges.  In one dramatic situation, Lata (Jayachitra) a beautiful woman comes to hide in Soggadu’s hotel room and makes him marry her.  Lata is Bhupathi’s niece and she escapes from a forced wedding planned by her uncle.  Soggadu faces lot of challenges after returning to village along with Lata from his uncle as well as Bhupathi. Justice gets sold when money is used by Bhupathi and he proves that Lata is mentally unstable and hence the marriage between her and Soggadu doesn’t qualify as legal.  But an unnerved Soggadu fights over the injustice and wins eventually. Bhupathi tries to kill Lata by appointing some serial killers but unfortunately they kill Saroja mistaking her to be the former. Bhupathi gets arrested and the film ends on a happy note with a peaceful family of Soggadu and Latha.

Sobhan Babu excels in the title role Soggadu. He makes complete justice to the title with great looks, admirable personality and captivating dialogue delivery. This film marks one of the best commercial successes Sobhan Babu has ever witnessed in his career. Jayachitra gets a strong role of a female lead Lata who marries the hero. She pulls off a memorable performance. Jayasudha is decent as the second female lead. Allu Ramalingaiah is witty and evil at the same time in a role having negative shades.  Ramaprabha, Nagesh, Rajababu, Padmanabham and Manju Bhargavi played pivotal roles in the film.
Technical Aspects:
The film is excellent in aspects like makeup, costumes, settings and outdoor units as well. K.V.Mahadevan’s melodious music aided lot for the film’s success. Soggadu Lechadu, Edu Kondala Vada Venkatesa (Both versions), Chali Vesthondhi, Avva Buvva Kavalante, Ole Ole Olammi became super hits. SPB’s phenomenal dubbing for Sobhan Babu worked wonders. The film marked a new beginning for Sobhan Babu as a hero with two heroines and he was flocked with such subjects after the success of Soggadu.
Cast and Crew:
Sobhanadri/Soggadu- Sobhan Babu
Lata- Jayachitra
Saroja- Jayasudha
Soggadu’s Mother – Anjali Devi
Paramesam- Allu Ramalingaiah
Bhupathi- Satyanarayana
Simhadri- Gummadi
Story- Balamurugan
Dialogues- Modhukuri Johnson
Lyrics- Athreya
Producer- D.Ramanaidu
Direction- K.Bapaiah
Banner-Suresh Productions
Release Date- January 1976


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