• Birth NameUppu Sobhana Chalapathi Rao
  • Date of birth Jan 14th, 1937
  • Birth Place Nandigama, AP
  • Occupation Hero

"In contrast with action oriented heroes, Sobhan Babu defined his own style of acting with tender emotions, and great screen presence."

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Sobhan Babu always used to advise everyone to TRUST THE LAND and encourage them to take up Real Estate.


A valuable actor who won the hearts of Female Audience- Sobhan Babu!

Just like how youth oriented films are in trend now, previously it was for women centric films. Women were the first target audience to make films during yesteryear era. Every aspect of film making such as Story, Dialogues, Songs and Sequences were made according to the taste of women audience. Even the hero was chosen depending on the taste of female audience. This trend which was started with ANR continued with Sobhan Babu. Though it took time for him to establish himself as a noted actor, he never looked back after gaining the admiration of female audience. The transformation of Uppu Sobhana Chalapathi Rao to a Star Sobhan Babu can also be termed as a film story! Despite getting opportunities and doing complete justice to his characters, this talented actor had to wait for long to get the much needed break. He even considered giving up acting profession and go away from the industry by packing his bags during the initial struggle years. But overcoming such difficulties and becoming a “Soggadu” (Handsome Heartthrob) for female audience is an inspiring story indeed.

Sobhan Babu is a striking example of how Cinema can influence the individuality of a person.

In contrast with action oriented heroes, Sobhan Babu defined his own style of acting with tender emotions, and great screen presence.

Born in Chinna Nandigama, Krishna District of Andhra Pradesh to Uppu Satyanarayana Rao and Rama Tulasamma on Sankranthi festival day of 14th January 1937, Sobhan Babu completed his primary education in Kuntamukkala Malivaram, Krishna District. In hope of studying Law, Sobhan Babu left for Madras. During his student days, he used to dream of being an actor on Silver Screen. In order to make his dreams come true, he gave up education and started trying for roles rigorously. Though people complimented him for his good looks, nobody could give me a good opportunity. When Sobhan Babu was advised to get experience in stage acting to excel in showbiz field, he used to act in Stage Plays along with some Telugu Film actors. He used to act along with another noted actor Krishna- who also entered the Film field at an early age like the former. It was when Sobhan Babu got a chance to act in his first film ‘Daiva Balam’. However,  the first film of Sobhan Babu which was released is ‘Bhakta Sabari’. Slowly the actor started getting chances. He acted opposite Sr.NTR in ‘Seetharama Kalyanam’, ‘Lava Kusa’ and opposite ANR in ‘Chaduvukunna Ammailu’. He became noticed with his portrayal of Abhimanyu in the Epic film Nartanasala, and got a full length role of the same in ‘Veerabhimanyu’ (1965). With that film becoming tremendously successful, every household in Andhra Pradesh became familiar with Sobhan Babu. People started feeling that here is an actor who could continue the legacy of Sr.NTR in mythological films and ANR in social dramas. But Sobhan Babu couldn’t get the right opportunities. He was offered side roles, and such characters which did not have any significance in the film. He acted in small roles in ‘Paramanandayya Sishyula Kadha’ and ‘Goodhachari 116’. Sobhan Babu could manage to get a good role opposite Vijayanirmala in ‘Poolarangadu’. It was when Gemini Productions ‘Manushulu Maarali’ gave him the right breakthrough in acting career. Opportunities started propping up and his portrayal of Lord Krishna in ’Buddhimanthudu’ was appreciated despite the less screen time. In the 100 days function of ‘Kalyana Mandapam’, ANR heaped praises on Sobhan Babu saying the latter would be his descendant in acting. Right from then, the handsome actor Sobhan Babu’s acting career took a quantum leap. ‘Chelleli Kaapuram’,’Maanavudu Daanavudu’,’ Sampoorna Ramayanam’, ‘Tahseeldaru Gari Ammayi’, ‘Saarada’, ‘Jeevitham’,’Kaalam Maarindhi’, ‘Soggadu’,’Manchi Manushulu’,’Jebu Donga’ were a series of hits. More and more chances flocked the actor and a situation came when he himself reduced the work load by declaring that he wouldn’t work during Sundays in order to spend time with his family. The unnerved producers still waited for Sobhan Babu’s nod. With films like ‘Devatha’ and ‘Kaartheeka Deepam’ Sobhan Babu’s market reached sky high as a wonderful hero in the midst of two female leads. While acting in the roles of his choice, Sobhan Babu drifted his focus on Real Estate in Madras. When his good looks and demand were still intact, he declared retirement and continued in business field. He even made a record of an affluent man who had the maximum buildings in Madras City. Sobhan Babu died of Heart Failure on March 20th 2008. He is quite close to his contemporaries Murali Mohan and Chandramohan. He always used to advise them to ‘Trust the Land’ and encourage them to take up Real Estate. It is a known fact that Murali Mohan followed Sobhan Babu and excelled in Real Estate field through his organization ‘Jayabheri’.

Sobhan Babu was extremely fond of character actor Raavi Kondala Rao. The latter acted as uncle to Sobhan Babu’s character in ‘Tahseeldar Gari Ammai. The film was a huge hit and right from then Sobhan Babu used to address Raavi Kondala Rao as ‘Maama’ (Uncle in Telugu). Sobhan Babu was married to Shanta Kumari and the couple has a son Karuna Seshu and three daughters- Prashanthi, Mrudula and Niveditha. He acted opposite noted actresses such as Kanchana, Sarada, Vanisri and Sridevi and most of the films in their combinations were super Hits. However, just like ANR- Savitri being an eternal hit pair, Sobhan Babu- Sarada pair remains to be the most successful in the History of Telugu Cinema.

It is indeed an art to earn money as well as fame. But it is something beyond art to announce retirement when in Top Position and make best use of earnings. Sobhan Babu is one such gentleman who knew this mantra of life!

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