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  • Music K.V Mahadevan
  • Producer V.B Rajendra Prasad
  • Director V. Madhusudhan Rao
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Adrushtavanthulu story at a glance

Adrushtavanthulu marks the third hit film in the combination of ANR- Jayalalitha after the great success of Manushulu Mamathalu and Brahmachari. This film has a rare blend of crime, family sentiment, action along with good songs and foot tapping steps by ANR. This film has turned the acting and dancing style of ANR in his career. Since then, many films featured ANR to dance for songs and they were created for this exact purpose. Jayalalitha got a role involving glamor as well as performance and strong substance as well. The producer V.B.Rajendra Prasad met with a road accident before the film’s completion and ANR along with director V. Madhusudana Rao took extra care in completing this project.

Story Details:
Raghu (Master Adinarayana) is a poor boy. He gets caught by the police because of the mistake of a robbery gang. His mother (Jhansi) gets distraught with the incident and dies. A popular robbery gang help Raghu escape imprisonment and give him training for thefts. Raghu grows up (ANR) and perform robberies along with his gang. The gang’s head (Jaggaiah) feel Raghu is highly resourceful for survival of his actions. Howver, Raghu remarkably transforms after witnessing a moving incident during one particular robbery. He surrenders to the police and gets imprisoned for five years. He decides to release out of jail and live a life of a good person. Meanwhile, the head (Jaggaiah) calls Raghu and tells him to get back to his old profession. The head warns Raghu saying it is impossible for a former thief to live a respectable life. But Raghu doesn’t succumb to such threats and both of them challenge each other. Raghu gets a job as a lorry driver with the help of his friend Jockey (Padmanabham). Jaya (Jayalalitha) is a helpless woman who dresses as a man in order to escape a forcible marriage and is incidentally rescued by Raghu from her uncle (Prabhakara Reddy). This uncle is none other than Raghu’s former co-worker in the robbery gang. Raghu and Jaya decide to marry and live a happy life but the police chase up Raghu. Police Officer (Gummadi) keeps a strong surveillance on Raghu and his actions. In the mean time the former robbery gang show hell to Raghu and get him in such a situation where he cannot live a respectable life. Things get worse when misunderstandings arise between Raghu and Jaya. But an unnerved Raghu fight all these obstacles and prove his innocence eventually. The film ends on a happy note from Suryakantham rendering the dialogue “ Lucky People can never be failing in life, while unlucky people will fall out during troubles!”.

ANR is wonderful as the youth who first gets into robbery but realizes the mistake later. His chemistry with Jayalalitha is interesting where gets to shake a leg with her in dance moves as well. Jayalalitha is exceptionally good as Jaya and her attire as a guy is funny to watch. She pulls off a tough role convincingly and with great ease. Jaggaiah is deadly as the robbery gang owner and does a great job. Gummadi is decent as the police officer. Master Adi Narayana does a commendable job as the hero in childhood. Padmanabham, Geethanjali, Suryakantham and Chaya Devi offer good comedy relief.

Technical Aspects:
The storyline of the film is made with good blend of entertainment, crime and action themes which were not much unheard in Telugu Cinema then. Those days Telugu Films were more confined to family drama, sentiment or folklore and mythological stories. Athreya’s dialogues act as strong pillar for the film and K.V.Mahadevan’s music is another huge asset. ‘Ayyayo Brahmayya’, ‘Chintha Chettu Chiguru Chudu’,’Kodi Koose Jaamu Daaka’, ‘Mummuddhante Chedha’, ‘Padina Mudra Cherigipodhu Le’, ‘Mokkajonna Thota Lo’,’ Nammare Nenu Maaranante Nammare’ became all time hits.  The action sequences during climax were well shot. Some of the stunts involving ANR running over a moving goods train fetched great feedback. Direction by V.Madhusudana Rao is picture perfect and the film is made with good production values.
Cast and Crew:
Raghu- ANR
Jaya- Jayalalitha
Young Raghu- Master Adi Narayana
Raghu’s Mother- Jhansi
Robbery Gang Head- Jaggaiah
Jaya’s Uncle- Prabhakara Reddy
Police Officer- Gummadi
Jockey- Padmanabham
Radha- Geethanjali
Jockey’s Mother- Suryakantham
Radha’s Mother- Chaya Devi
Little Kid- Baby Rani
Guest Artist- Relangi
Dialogues- Athreya
Lyrics- Dr.C.Narayana Reddy, Athreya, Arudra, Konakalla Venkataratnam
Music- K.V.Mahadevan
Producer- V.B.Rajendra Prasad
Screenplay and Direction- V.Madhusudana Rao
Banner- Jagapati Pictures
Release Date- 3rd January 1969


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