Are item songs getting raunchier?

By - March 15, 2013 - 12:59 PM IST

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?Puttintollu Tarimesaaru??
?Gudivada Ellaanu??
?Gu Gu Gu Gu Gudusundhi??

The titles itself remind us the raunchy item songs of yesteryear Telugu cinema. Of course they were known as club songs back then. Item songs have had a long journey of transformation from their inception. No wonder they are unique to Indian cinema and that too most prominent in Telugu, Tamil and Hindi movies.

Irrespective of the hero the club dance number used to be a mandatory need for a film. Heroines in yesteryears were less engaged in exposing while producers want to garner more number of audiences to pull the mileage of the movie.

Earlier the club songs used to have specific dancers dedicated to them. The popular item girls (a.k.a. club dancers) Jyothi Lakshmi, Jayamalini and Anuradha et al ruled the roost. As years passed by, the heroines started being liberal in their roles and began exposing. It made an impact on club dancers and they have taken a back seat. May be even this measure didn?t satisfy the appetite of the common movie goer. This led to a crucial step where heroines started doing the item songs. Item songs usually have provocative lyrics showcasing a heroine in revealing clothes. It is usually staged along with the hero and a group of dancers.

Producers nowadays are very much aware of the bankability of an item song and hence putting more ?oomph? into it. This has gone to such an extent that the censor board has recently declared that they would ban the item song if it is too raunchy and revealing.

While too much of anything is good for nothing, let?s hope filmmakers strike a balance to satisfy not just the movie goer but the censor board too.