Will Audios 'Release'!

By - March 15, 2013 - 12:54 PM IST

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It isn’t an exaggeration if we say we eat…drink…sleep and even dream cinema! Cinema is such an integral part of us! And apart from the pile of festivals of we celebrate in a year, anything akin to our favorite cinema is an additional festival for us. And Audio release is one such prominent festive occasion. If it is a star’s audio release, fans turn up in myriads from every nook and corner of the state to whistle, howl, yell, enjoy and somehow be a part of the celebrations of their favorite star.

Dating back to the late 80s, initially audio releases were just press meets. But, with the advent of private satellite television channels in the early 90s, cinema was taken close to the audience. That was the period when 100 days, 175 days and 365 days functions were the drift. With the internet boom in the last decade, movie promotion has moved onto the next level. Cassettes have taken the shape of Audio CDs and even CDs have shrunk to internet downloads. Today the life span of a movie has been cut short to a week or hardly 3 weeks and hence audio functions are taken prestigiously. Now audio release event rights are bought by satellite television channels for record prices and even composers are being paid by audio companies, based on their markets.

And here what’s interesting is that audio release functions moved from outdoor to indoor for the sake of television live telecast and security concerns as well. While outdoor events are always sweet spots for all sorts of ruckus and anti-social mayhem activities, indoor events are tough tests for surveillance. And in view of the recent bomb blasts in Hyderabad, the only celebrated activities like audio releases have gone for a toss. With bitter experiences of Mirchi audio release, upcoming much awaited projects like Baadshah and Shadow audio releases have suffered the same security heat.

So, given this sensitive issue, both the makers of the films and the police as well have to ensure absolute safety and assure the public of having their favorite euphoria!


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