Lots of 'Hangover' in 'Action 3D'

By - May 20, 2013 - 01:02 PM IST

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Filmmakers from Telugu, getting inspired by Hollywood films is nothing new. Sometimes the inspiration seems pretty blatant and attracts everyone’s attention instantaneously. ‘Action 3D’ the upcoming summer attraction starring current Comedy King Allari Naresh is one such example.

Coming to the inspiration in ‘Action 3D’, well, that should have been pretty obvious for anyone with remote knowledge in Hollywood. One cursory glance at the theatrical trailer and the ‘Hangover’ connection would be apparent. A group of bachelors on a fun trip gone wrong, a big mafia leader, lots of confusion and chase, everything resembles the Hollywood movie.

Those familiar with the Hollywood movie would also remember that famous boxing player Mike Tyson had done a guest appearance in the film. Here in ‘Action 3D’, Sudeep of ‘Eega’ fame has been roped in to play a similar role. Hangover, upon its release created a sensation at the box office and went on become highest grossing film in its genre. Can ‘Action 3D’ do something similar in Telugu, well we have to wait and see for that to happen.