Stars and Sports - The Love Aaj Kal!

By - May 23, 2013 - 11:21 PM IST

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Let’s pose you a chota question- What do we breathe?

“You***beep***beep… Don’t we know that?! It’s Air”

Ok baba… but can you deny if we say most of us breathe 2’C’s along with Air?

2 ‘C’s aren’t a form of Oxygen or any new pollutants…but
-    Cinema
-    Cricket
Of course you are helpless to second us on this topic! Because we feel our life to be a Plasma TV with no cable connection [of course now setup boxes] without above two [Come on…you know it isn’t an exaggeration!] It’s not just we but even global researchers who feel that Indians and Indian media are obsessed with Cinema, Crime and Cricket.

Cricket has turned the cupid leaving us seriously smitten. It just swept us and our cinema off our feet equally. We expressed our love by making films upon cricket, sending them to Oscars and by even teaching cricket to our kids and encouraging them play gully cricket, however, our love is still brimming. Our love has taken a satanic shape of betting and spot fixing too – still its brimming [what to do…unconditional love!]

These days, our Cinema looks more wooed by the younger son of cricket – the IPL! Seems like, our Cinema is dating this suave and seductive guy because he’s got fame and paisa in abundance. This dating resulted in CCL [Celebrity Cricket League] which is also a hit lately. We know our stars like Venkatesh, Ram Charan, Srikanth, Tarun are ardent fans of cricket but we never knew they were too good in the sport until the recent season of CCL. If not an exaggeration, we request BCCI to consider some of them to the national team! Not just playing, actors like Manchu Vishnu even sponsored our team ‘Telugu Warriors’ in the second season of the league.

It is not cricket alone; our stars are smart businessmen too. Gone are the days where our celebrities used to play their favorite game as a hobby in some lawn and private courts. Today, they are investing into the sport of their fancy and making fortune too! If Ram Charan owns a Polo club by name 'Ram Charan Hyderabad Polo Riding Club (RC HPRC)', Nagarjuna co-owns Mahi Racing Team India – India’s first World Super bike team. They say, he is also interested in Formula One [he may even open a team someday…who knows!]

So, we can mostly find Dada Saheb Phalke type cinema-dedicated lives in books and archives, the rest is all open romance between cinema, sporting and money! [We are free to care, envy, curse or let go off]